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Yes, Prime Video Is Free With Amazon Prime — Here’s What That Means


Amazon Prime vs Prime Video

Prime Video is included for free with an Amazon Prime membership. However, it is important to understand exactly what that means, as Prime Video is not only a subscription service but also an app. While all Prime members get access to the Prime Video subscription service for free, and can access the Prime Video app regardless of their membership, that doesn’t mean everything in the Prime Video app is available to watch for free.

Amazon Prime offers good value for those that make use of all the benefits included. If you are only really interested in the free shipping of products purchased from, then the ability to watch Prime Video at no additional cost is a nice benefit. If you are not interested in any of the other benefits and only want access to Prime Video, then it makes more sense to opt for a standalone subscription. Even though a Prime Video subscription offers less value on its own, it costs far less each month then paying for a full Prime membership.

Still, if opting for Amazon Prime then a Prime Video subscription is included for free and all Prime members can access the streaming service directly within the Prime Video app at no additional cost. However, the Prime Video app houses more than just the subscription service and this is where figuring out what a Prime member, or standalone subscriber, gets access to it can become confusing.

Prime Video subscription vs Prime Video app

The Prime Video app is a one-stop shop for everything video-related that Amazon offers. In this sense, it is very similar to Apple TV. In the same way that Apple TV and Apple TV Plus are different, so is a Prime Video subscription and the Prime Video app. Just like Apple TV and TV Plus, the Prime Video streaming service is accessed within the app, but you don’t actually need to be signed up to Prime Video to use the app. You just need an Amazon account in general.

Prime video app without subscription
Prime Video app doesn’t require a subscription

In addition to the streaming service, the Prime Video app also offers access to rentals and purchases as well. Consumers can simply pay to rent or buy a video and then watch it directly in the app – no Prime Video subscription required. In fact, there’s also a wide selection of episodes and movies available to stream for free, thanks to Amazon’s Freevee service. Once again, no Prime Video subscription is required.

Prime Video free movies shows
Prime Video app includes free movies and shows

While Prime Video subscribers (and Prime members) can also watch the free videos and/or rent and purchase videos, they also get access to a selection of Included with Prime titles. This list of Included with Prime shows, movies, and Amazon Originals is exactly what makes up a Prime Video subscription, and what every Amazon Prime member gets access to.

Again, these titles can be watched directly within the Prime Video app along with all the other content that doesn’t require a subscription. So while a Prime member does get Prime Video for free, that doesn’t mean they can watch everything that’s included in the Prime Video app. Instead, some videos or services will be charged separately and both Prime members and Prime Video subscribers will have to pay for these on top of their existing subscriptions.

Amazon Prime and Prime Video summary

Amazon Prime and Prime Video are related products but they are not the same. Homes only interested in watching select videos, including Amazon originals, can sign up for a standalone subscription. Alternatively, homes interested in free shipping and the other benefits, in addition to a standalone subscription, can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership. Regardless of whether a Prime Video subscriber or a Prime member, the home will get access to the same selection of Included with Prime shows and movies.

The Prime Video app houses much more than just the videos unlocked with a Prime Video subscription. As a result, whether a Prime Video subscriber or an Amazon Prime member, some videos and services in the Prime Video app will require an additional payment. At the same time, many other videos in the Prime Video app can be watched for free, and without the need for a Prime Video subscription or Amazon Prime membership.

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  1. I need help. I am trying to download Prime Video Sign up with just answer still unable to find pathway

  2. If the movies say they are included with prime dies that mean they are free?

  3. This article didn’t clear anything up and made things even more confusing. I have an Amazon Prime acct., but still didn’t learn how to identify and select movies I can watch for free.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Bob.

      Will look to make this article more straightforward this week.

  4. u have done a wonderful job of really screwing things up
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