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Prime Video Error 1071 on NVIDIA SHIELD TV? You’re Not Alone


Prime Video

If you were experiencing an issue with Amazon Prime Video today on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, then you were not alone. While the problem seemed to be widespread, it has now been resolved.

The SHIELD TV is one of the most popular Android TV devices, if not the most. In fact, while Prime Video is now available on a wide range of Android TV devices, that has not always been the case. Due to Amazon and Google not always seeing eye to eye with each other in the past, Prime Video remained one of the services missing from the Android TV platform. That is, except for a select few devices, including the SHIELD TV, making NVIDIA’s set-top box a popular Android TV option for frequent Prime Video users.

However, today SHIELD TV owners were reporting an issue with Prime Video where the app fails to load properly, citing a 1071 error code. Users noted the issue on the Amazon forums, as well as the dedicated GeForce NOW forum for the SHIELD TV. With many of the complaints having surfaced at roughly the same time, it seemed highly unlikely to be an isolated issue, but something more common with the Private Video app.

Issue seems specific to the SHIELD TV

Although this is not the first time this error code has been noted by a Prime Video user in the past, those experiencing the problem today all appeared to be SHIELD TV users. In addition, both SHIELD TV and SHIELD TV Pro devices were affected. Likewise, it wasn’t just an issue for users in the US, with reports having come from many countries, including Canada, France, Chile, and the UK.

Regardless of the frequency and location, the issue does appear to have now been fixed. Amazon has yet to officially confirm the issue or the fix, but many who were reporting the issue are also now confirming it has been resolved.

As a result, if you were experiencing the problem, the Prime Video app should now be working fine once again. If it is not, it may be worth force-closing the app and restarting and/or applying any Prime Video updates that might be available through the SHIELD TV.

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