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Poker Fans Can Save $20 On A PokerGO Annual Plan (And Watch 300+ Hours Of 2024 WSOP)


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Poker fans can currently save $20 on the cost of an annual PokerGO subscription when using a promo code. Considering an annual plan normally costs $99.99, this brings the price down to just $79.99 for the first year.

PokerGO markets itself as “the world’s largest poker content company and streaming platform” making it a good subscription option for poker fans, and especially ahead of the 2024 World Series of Poker (WSOP). In fact, PokerGo is promising more than 300 hours of live broadcasts from this year’s tournament, including the livestreaming of all 14 days of the 2024 WSOP Main Event, beginning July 3.

The 2024 World Series of Poker is also why the streaming service is now offering a discount on its annual plan. Using the WSOP24 promo code when signing up will take $20 off the regular annual plan price, lowering the cost of the first year down to just $79.99. At this rate, subscribers are only paying around $6.67 a month for the first 12 months, a significant discount on the usual $14.99 monthly cost of a subscription.

In addition to full access to live events and shows, subscribers also get 24/7 access to on-demand events and shows, exclusive access to WSOP, Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker, and even discounts on poker merchandise.

For reference, the PokerGO app is available to download on a variety of platforms and devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Roku, as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices. If not particularly interested in paying for a subscription this year, a selection of WSOP livestream broadcasts will be available to watch for free on the PokerGO YouTube channel.

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