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Pluto TV Gets Major Platform Upgrade, Adds New Features


Pluto TV new features

Pluto TV has rolled out a new marketing campaign and updated interface. Both of which are designed to capitalize on the ease of use and free nature of the service.

The new brand campaign comes with the “Drop In. It’s Free” slogan highlighting the general principles of the service. For example, how the service offers access to free live TV and its ease enough to use that you can just drop in.

Along with the new slogan, the interface and experience has been updated with what the company refers to as Project Venetia. Essentially, Pluto TV is looking to make the experience even easier to use with a number of new features, including:

  • New Linear UX: Additional categories like Movies, News, Entertainment, Sports have been added to make finding the right channel even quicker.
  • Improved On-Demand UX: The ability to jump to specific VOD categories, including binge-watch and rom coms, as well as the option to watch previews and trailers before clicking play.
  • Channel Favoriting: Users now have the option to favorite a channel and pin it to the top of the channel guide for easier access in the future.
  • Watch List: As well as favoriting, viewers can also now add top picks to a list for easier access at a later time.
  • Watch Now Button: When watching live content, a new “Watch Now” button will be available. When clicked, this allows the viewer to watch the on-demand version of the video, including from the beginning.

Pluto TV has confirmed these improvements have already rolled on Apple, Vizio, and Roku devices. While Android, Amazon Fire TV, and others, will see the improvements added as part of a staged rollout over the coming months.

Pluto TV getting better as it gains subscribers

Pluto TV has always been an attractive proposition due to the service being completely free. This has allowed Pluto TV to rapidly gain subscribers. Just last month, ViacomCBS (the company that owns Pluto TV) confirmed the free service has amassed 22 million subscribers. Adding that it expects the number to increase to 30 million by the end of the year.

With the prices of live TV services continually rising, and the service having rolled out new and improved features like the ones detailed here, it seems likely Pluto TV will continue to appeal to consumers who are looking for video content, without a high monthly price attached.

Source: Pluto TV

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