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Save $10 On First Month Of Philo With This Promo Code


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Philo is currently offering new subscribers the option to save $10 on the cost of a subscription for the first month. Philo is already a highly affordable live TV streaming service compared to most others, so any additional saving on the monthly cost only adds to the value. For those that are unsure of whether Philo is the right service for them, this promotion does make it easier to test the service out for a full month at a lower price than usual.

Philo has always positioned itself as an affordable live TV streaming option. Although it has encountered some price increases over the years, like all other services, the current price of a Philo subscription remains at just $25 per month. This is not only cheaper than most other services, but also cheaper than more affordable ones, including Sling TV.

Philo is now offering new customers the option to save $10 on the first month. With the standard substation costing $25 per month, this means those new to Philo can sign up and only pay $15 for the first month. To sign up at the lower price, head over to the Philo website and use the STREAM coupon code when signing up. For reference, the promo code went live today (May 19th) and will remain active for the rest of the month (through May 31, 2022). The promo code has been released to celebrate National Streaming Day (May 20).

Although $10 off the cost of a Philo subscription is a good deal, some consumers may find the service is not quite to their needs. Philo does offer a good channel selection overall, but it is still missing some channel that many households might deem a requirement. After all, skipping on local channels and popular sports channels, which are often expensive additions, is one of the ways Philo has been able to keep the monthly cost as low as it does.

For any consumers that do find the channel lineup is to their liking, Philo could end up being a useful addition to a home’s streaming setup, and especially if it fully replaces the need for one of the more expensive live TV plans.

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