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Philo Free Trial, Deals And Promotions: Ways To Save


Philo savings payment money

Even though Philo is already an affordable option for streaming live TV over the internet, the free trial and promotions can help to reduce the cost during the opening stages of a subscription. However, and due to Philo’s lower price in general, the service doesn’t tend to offer too many deals throughout the year, reducing the number of opportunities to save further on the cost.

Unlike many of the other live TV streaming options, Philo is positioned as an affordable service. The standard cost of a Philo subscription is $25 per month and this price not only unlocks all of the live TV channels and on demand content, but also an unlimited cloud DVR making it possible to record as much live TV as the subscriber wants. All in all, Philo is a good deal for those looking to spend less on live TV each month.

Further adding to the value is the free trial. Philo offers all new subscribers the option to sign up and watch for free for the first seven days. After which, the trial subscription automatically changes to a paid subscription and the subscriber is charged the cost of the first month. This works out to be $25, providing no additional add-ons or premium networks have been bundled with the plan. From then on, the subscriber is charged the same $25 per month for as long as they remain a subscriber, excluding any potential price increases that may or may not arrive in the future.

While $25 for live TV access is cheap enough, it is always good when there are additional options to save on the cost. For example, and in addition to offering a free trial, many services also tend to routinely offer various discounts and promotions to lure new users in. Both DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV commonly use this approach, and even though it is a sales tactic, it can be beneficial to consumers looking to sign up at the same time a promotion is running.

Philo deals and promotions

In general, Philo tends not to offer many promotions, so consumers will rarely find the option to save on the cost of a live TV subscription for x amount of months or a cheaper than usual rate in general. That said, rarely is not the same as never. For example, Philo did offer the option to save $10 on the first month of a subscription in May 2022, and has offered the first month completely for free in the past. It is just that these deals tend to be less routine throughout the year than with other live TV services. Of course, some T-Mobile customers will find that they are eligible for a cheaper Philo subscription, and for an entire year.

T-Mobile’s Philo for $15 promotion

Previously, T-Mobile offered its own live TV service, TVision. However, it was a very short-lived service and when TVision eventually closed, T-Mobile began offering YouTube TV and Philo promotions to existing customers. Although this was originally designed to cater to TVision customers that suddenly found themselves without a live TV provider, many T-Mobile Wireless and Home Internet service customers are now eligible for a similar deal.

T-Mobile Philo promotion
Source: T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Philo Promotion reduces the cost of a Philo subscription by $10 per month. Considering Philo costs $25 each month, this means that an eligible T-Mobile customer can bring the monthly cost down to as low as $15. It is worth noting that the deal is only for the first 12 months of service. After which, the subscription will still continue but charged at the usual monthly rate. Again, barring any sudden price increases, this will result in the cost increasing to $25 per month.

For T-Mobile customers wanting to check if they are eligible for this Philo promotion, the process is fairly simple and can be done quickly through the T-Mobile website.

Visit T-Mobile Promotions
Enter the T-Mobile (or Sprint) phone number
Click Continue
Sign in with T-Mobile ID (or Sprint ID)
Click Redeem Now if eligible

T-Mobile will quickly make clear whether the account and associated phone number (or home internet) is eligible for the promotion. If it is, the user will be able to click on the Redeem Now button and then continue through to Philo to create the subscription at a discounted rate. As part of this signing up process, new subscribers will need to add their phone number (or email address), provide a payment option, and confirm the subscription. Once done, they will then sign in to Philo using their phone number/email and the code provided by text or email. The text/email code is important as it is the promotional code that’s used to reduce the cost of the subscription for the first 12 months. According to T-Mobile, the code can take up to four days to arrive.

For reference, this deal is not just for new subscribers. If already a Philo subscriber, the same promotion makes it possible to reduce the cost of your current monthly subscription by $10. The difference is simply in the redeeming process. Just like new subscribers, existing subscribers will need to follow the above instructions to check eligibility through the T-Mobile website. However, once eligibility is approved and they are redirected to the Philo website, they can simply click Sign In instead of signing up for a new account. At which point, they will also receive a code via text or email, depending on whether their Philo subscription is linked to a phone number or email address. This code can then be used to reduce the monthly subscription cost by $10 for the next 12 months.

One caveat for existing subscribers is that the discount only applies to the $25 per month subscription. For any legacy subscribers that are still on either the $16 or $20 per month Philo plans, they will need to upgrade to the $25 per month plan to get the discount, or just continue with the current rate locked in and without the discount. Regardless of whether a new or existing Philo subscriber, this T-Mobile promotion is only available up until December 31, 2022. Once again, the discounted rate does only apply to the first 12 months and will automatically revert to the higher monthly cost afterwards. Lastly, the T-Mobile account must remain active for the full 12 months to continue receiving the discount each month for 12 months.

Philo deals and promotions summary

Due to its general affordable live TV service nature, Philo tends not to offer routine deals and promotions like other live TV streaming services typically do, making it difficult to save on the cost of a subscription. The current major exception is the T-Mobile promotion which reduces the cost of Philo by $10 per month for the first 12 months. This deal is available to new and existing Philo subscribers, and is dependent on also having an eligible T-Mobile service.

Regardless of being a T-Mobile customer, all new subscribers can save on the initial cost of a Philo subscription by taking advantage of a free trial. The standard Philo free trial lasts 7 days. As Philo tends not to offer longer free trials, it is unlikely to be worth holding out for a longer one in the future. Once the free trial has come to an end, the subscriber will be charged the usual monthly amount each month unless they cancel their subscription first.

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