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Philo Rolling Out Fix For Crazy Fast Fast-Forwarding Issue


updated guide in the Philo app

Philo is rolling out an update which should fix the issue of fast-forwarding being too fast. While most people would likely prefer a faster fast-forward than they currently get with some services, there are limits, and this issue appears to have resulted in the fast-forward function speeding up to an unusable level.

While it is unclear when exactly the issue first surfaced, user reports seem to suggest the problem has been in effect for around a week now. It also currently remains unclear if the problem affects all subscribers and on all platforms. Regardless of the frequency of the issue, those that are experiencing a crazy fast fast-forwarding problem can now expect it to be fixed in the next app update.

From what we can tell, the Android TV/Google TV app (version 7.0.20-235967) and Apple TV app (version 4.14.2) have been updated in the past 24 hours. Although we haven’t seen a similar update roll out to Fire TV and Roku devices just yet, we do expect those apps to receive a similar update, providing they too are suffering from the same problem.

Those impacted by the issue can wait for the apps on their devices to receive an update organically, or they can check to see if a new version of the app is available to download through the device’s settings. If a new version is available, manually applying the update should help speed up the process of deploying the fix, and getting fast-forward back to a normal level again.

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