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Philo iOS App Gains Picture in Picture & AirPlay Support


Philo iOS app

The Philo iOS app now supports both Picture in Picture mode and AirPlay, making it even more useful for those who prefer to watch live TV on an iPhone or an iPad. Compared to many other live TV streaming services, Philo is a more affordable option. However, the lower price doesn’t automatically result in a lesser experience, with the service continually improving the app with new features and additional support.

The base Philo subscription costs just $25 per month and, in spite of the low price, the live TV service already offers a good level of device support. Although it is not quite as substantial as some of the more expensive services, it is consistently a work in progress and will continue to improve over time. More to the point, Philo tends to offer a highly reliable streaming experience in general, as well as plenty of features on the platforms it does currently support.

Further adding to the experience for iOS users, the Philo app has now been updated to support Picture in Picture mode and AirPlay, both of which are popular features with iPhone and iPad users. Although the company has only now announced the additional support, the App Store page listing shows that Picture in Picture and AirPlay were both rolled out as part of the 2.5.1 update on November 22nd. More recently, the app has received another update (2.5.3) which lists the addition of Genre Collections. Regardless of the delivery date, anyone wanting to take advantage of either Picture in Picture or AirPlay, will want to make sure they are running the most recent version of the iOS app.

As the name suggests, Picture in Picture allows the user to continue watching live TV channels while also doing something else at the same time on the device. Essentially, the feature reduces the screen real estate for the Philo app down to a smaller window which then remains in view while the user continues to do other things, such as checking their email, surfing the internet, and so on. Best of all, the user doesn’t really need to do anything to enable the feature. Instead, they just need to hit the device’s Home button while watching any of Philo’s channels and the app will continue to remain visible while the device returns to the Home screen, allowing the option to access other apps at the same time.

The addition of AirPlay support is also something that is likely to be of benefit to iPhone and iPad users, as it adds an additional way to watch live TV and on-demand content through the Philo app on their smart TV. As long as the smart TV or the streaming player also supports AirPlay, the user can simply hit the ‘cast’ button while watching, and the video will be streamed from the iOS device to the larger screen.

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