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Philo Outage Caused Playback Issues For Fire TV & Android Users


Philo live TV

Philo experienced an outage today which impacted on the ability for some subscribers to watch videos, and especially on Fire TV and Android devices. Due to the nature of delivering video over the internet, it is not uncommon for streaming services to encounter occasional problems. Usually, these issues are fixed quickly, and that appears to have been the case with Philo.

Philo is one of the most affordable ways to watch live TV over the internet. Although the channel lineup is a little limited compared to other popular live TV services, the price each month is also considerably lower, making it a good option for those in need of cheaper live TV access. Regardless of the price, there can be times when a service encounters an issue that directly impacts on subscribers.

That was the case today considering Philo confirmed that it was experiencing a major outage that resulted in playback issues for some users. According to Philo’s status page, the video playback issue started on March 2, 2022 at 12:10 PM (PST), but was resolved by 1:48 PM (PST). As this was not an issue that affected all Philo subscribers, many may not have even noticed a problem.

For those that were affected, it remains unclear exactly how widespread the problem was. For example, whether the outage affected live TV and on-demand. However, Philo did identify that the issue primarily affected Fire TV and Android devices. As a result, accessing the service on another supported device may have worked as a temporary workaround for any subscribers encountering the problem. Considering the issue is now resolved, subscribers should once again be able to access the service on their preferred devices. If they still can’t, it may be worth closing the Philo app on the device and launching it again to see if that clears the issue.

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