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Philo Now Has More Than 1 Million Subscribers


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Philo now has more than one million subscribers. Considering Philo doesn’t often confirm the state of its subscriber base, the latest subscriber update is good news for the company, and the marking of a major milestone.

With the base live TV package costing as little as $25 a month, one of the major selling points with Philo is the price. In spite of being significantly cheaper than many other services, the lack of local and news channels, as well as live sports, has likely made some homes think twice about giving Philo a try, ensuring it continues to trail behind other services in terms of the number of subscribers.

During a FAST – The Future of Streaming? fireside chat at CES 2024 this month, Philo CEO Andrew McCollum confirmed the live TV service’s base had grown to “a little over a million’ subscribers.

Considering the last time we heard official confirmation of a significant change in the number of subscribers was back in late 2020, when the base grew to around 800,000, this latest update confirms that Philo has roughly added 200,000 subscribers over the past three years.

To put Philo’s one million into perspective, Fubo had 1.47 million, Sling TV 2.12 million, Hulu Live TV 4.6 million, and YouTube TV a minimum of 5 million (likely more than 6 million) subscribers at last count.

Outside of Philo and YouTube TV, who tend not to provide quarterly subscriber updates, more recent confirmation on the subscriber bases for these streaming services will become available in the coming weeks, when data for Q4 2022 (and 2023 as a whole) becomes available.

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