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Philo’s New ‘Movies & More’ Add-On Adds More Movie Channels


Philo Movies & More Add-On

Philo has now added a new ‘Movies & More’ add-on to offer subscribers a way to increase the amount of movies included with a subscription. In the past, Philo has not tended to offer much in the way of add-ons, but that now appears to be changing, although the selection is still far more limited than what’s available through competing services.

As a service, Philo has consistently positioned itself as a more affordable way to watch live TV channels over the internet. However, the lower price has resulted in some compromises with the most obvious one being the channel selection. One way to keep the base price as low as possible is to simply offer additional channel packs that can be added for those that are willing to pay more. Previously, Philo added the option for subscribers to add either Epix or Starz to their subscription. Now, the company is offering yet another movie-related add-on for subscribers to consider.

The Movies & More add-on costs just $3 per month on top of the price of the base subscription, making it the cheapest Philo add-on so far. In return for the additional monthly cost, subscribers gain access to five movie-related channels. The add-on also comes with a seven-day free trial so existing subscribers are able to check out the channel pack and make sure it is right for their streaming needs before making the first payment.

As the name of the add-on suggests, these channels provide access to more than just movies, although movies are their main purpose. The channels included with the new Movies & More add-on are:

  • Cinémoi
  • HDNet Movies
  • MGM HD
  • Reelz
  • Sony Movies

Adding the Movies & More add-on works the same way as it does for Epix or Starz. As long as the consumer already has an active subscription, they can head over to the Philo website, log in if needed, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner and then on “Account.” From there, they can click on the “Subscribe” button next to any of the available add-ons, including Movies & More.

Once added to a Philo base plan, the subscriber not only gets access to the live feeds for each of these channels but also the option to watch any movies and shows that are available as on-demand content.

Source: Philo

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