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Philo Subscribers – MGM HD Is Shutting Down On October 31st


Philo channels October 2022

MGM HD has confirmed that the channel’s last broadcasting day will be October 31st, with the Halloween change potentially impacting any Philo subscribers currently paying for the Movies & More add-on. Right now, it remains unclear whether the channel will be replaced with something else, or whether the premium add-on will just continue with one less channel.

With the standard plan priced at just $25 per month, Philo can be a good option for streaming live TV over the internet, providing the channel lineup meets the needs of the household. One of the ways the channel lineup can be expanded slightly is through the bundling of add-ons. For example, the Movies & More add-on unlocks access to HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz, Sony Movies, and FMC channels for an additional $3 per month.

From November 1st, however, MGM HD will not longer be broadcasting which does raise a concern for those Philo subscribers that might have been paying for Movies & More for access to the channel. While it currently remains unclear whether the channel will be replaced with something else, FMC was only added to the Movies & More add-on just a few days ago, along with the addition of FETV to the base plan’s channel lineup.

As for the reason MGM HD is closing down, this is part of the wider change which will see Epix being rebranded as MGM Plus in early 2023. As the closure confirmation message from MDM HD explains, once MGM Plus goes live next year, it will be the new home of all of the MGM collection of movies. As a result, the shuttering of MGM HD now is just part of the preparation process for the launch of MGM Plus later.

For those Philo subscribers that see less value in paying for Movies & More without MGM HD, it is worth noting that the live TV service does also offer access to standalone Epix and Starz add-ons as well. The $3 for Movies & More could always be put towards the $6 for Epix or the $9 for Starz. Alternatively, they could just wait until next year when MGM Plus goes live and regain access to all their favorite MGM movies once again.

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