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Philo 7-Day Free Trial: How it Works And What To Expect


Philo free trial

A new Philo subscription comes with a 7 day free trial and this is regardless of when signing up or on which device. For anyone that has yet to use Philo, the free trial can be a good way to see if it is the right live TV streaming service for them and their household. What’s more, signing up for the free trial is a quick and easy process.

Even though Philo might not be as well known as some of the other live TV streaming services, it might actually be a more suitable option for many individuals and households. While the channel selection is more limited than some of those other options, the cost of a Philo subscription is considerably cheaper and this can make it a better option for any homes looking to save on the monthly cost of live TV.

When signing up to Philo, new users can take advantage of a free 7-day trial. The cost of the standard Philo subscription is priced at $25 per month but subscribers won’t have to pay that amount until after the seven days has come to an end. During this free period, the subscriber gets access to the full Philo experience, including access to more than 60 live TV channels and an unlimited cloud DVR.

For those ready to test out the service, signing up with a free trial is a quick and easy process through the Philo website. Generally speaking, not much is needed other than an email address or a phone number and a method of payment.

  1. Visit Philo
  2. Click Start free trial
  3. Enter a mobile number or email address
  4. Click Continue

At which point, the user will receive an email or a text with a link to confirm their subscription. The email should also contain a code and this can be used on instead to activate the subscription. In some cases, the subscriber may be prompted to add a payment method when using the website. If that is the case, then the instructions for signing up are as follows:

  1. Visit Philo
  2. Click Start free trial
  3. Enter a mobile number or email address
  4. Enter payment information
  5. Click Subscribe
  6. Open the text or email link
  7. Click Confirm sign-up

It is also possible to sign up and take advantage of the free trial on many other devices and platforms, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV. If opting to sign up on one of these other devices, the sign-up process is mostly the same as what’s described above, although there might be slight differences depending on the device and platform.

The standard Philo free trial

The standard Philo free trial is seven days and this is irrespective of the platform used, but the process may differ slightly from device to device. Either way, the length of the free trial doesn’t vary depending on the device used to sign up. That said, on some devices, including Roku, Android TV, and Android mobile, users will find they are able to sign up without having to provide any payment details, but they only have access to the service for free for the first two days

While the lack of a payment method makes signing up to a Philo free trial incredibly quick and easy, if wanting to unlock the rest of the free trial (a total of 7 days), they will need to enter payment information. New subscribers can skip this requirement completely by simply adding their payment information to begin with, unlocking the full seven days in the process.

For those looking for a longer free trial, there aren’t many options. The standard 7-day free trial is generally what Philo offers, with hardly any opportunities throughout the year for a longer free trial. For some consumers, specifically those signed up to T-Mobile, they may find they are able to secure a 30-day free trial and potentially even a discount on the monthly price, depending on their account and the services they are already subscribed to. For everyone else, a 7-day free trial is not only going to be the best option, but the only one.

Additional Philo Free Trials

In addition to the standard Philo free trial which provides unlimited access to the service’s live TV and on-demand content, the add-ons available also come with their own free trial, providing an option to experience more of what Philo has to offer without having to pay. Likewise, these add-on free trials can also be used by existing subscribers as long as they haven’t signed up to them before.

The option to bundle a premium network with Philo is currently limited to Epix and Starz. The Starz add-on costs $9 per month and not only opens up access to Starz but also Starz Encore and Starz Kids & Family. Likewise, the Epix add-on costs $6 per month and not only opens up access to Epix but also Epix2 and Epix Hits. Both the Starz and Epix add-ons are available with their own 7-day free trials.

For those interested in a cheaper way to watch more movies through Philo, there is also the Movies & More add-on. This add-on costs $3 per month and adds a number of channels that show feature-length films such as Cinémoi, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Reelz and Sony Movies. Similar to everything else Philo, Movies & More is also available with its own 7-day free trial.

Any of these add-ons can be added to the base Philo TV subscription at any time, including during a free trial. To add one, visit the Account section and click Subscribe next to the add-on you want to bundle. The subscriber will then be able to watch for free for the first seven days..

Philo free trial summary

The standard Philo free trial lasts seven days and is available to all new subscribers. In fact, seven days pretty much applies to anything that Philo offers. So, whether looking to just test out the main live TV plan, or bundle premium networks or the Movies & More add-on, consumers will be able to watch for seven days before having to make the first payment. Anyone who hasn’t signed up to a free trial before is eligible for the full seven days and all that’s needed is a phone number (or email address), a payment method, and a supported device to watch on.

While signing up to the seven-day Philo free trial is a quick and simple process, the emphasis is on the new subscriber to manually cancel their Philo subscription if they don’t plan to pay for the service. Like many other streaming services, Philo utilizes automatic billing and this means that subscribers are automatically charged the full monthly amount once the free seven-day period has come to an end. If subscribing to any of the premium networks or add-ons that Philo offers, these will also need to be manually canceled before the seventh day to avoid atomically being charged the monthly amount.

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