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Philo Adds Another Five FAST Channels To Paid And Free Lineups


Philo channels October 2022

Philo has added another five FAST channels to both paid and free channel lineups, providing users with access to even more free content. The new channels are America’s Test Kitchen, Love Nature, MagellanTV Now, Space Science Now and Wild Oceans, and all of them can now be found in the live guide.

Here’s what you can expect from the new additions.

America’s Test Kitchen: Where curious cooks become confident cooks. Through scientific exploration, rigorous testing, and an educational approach, we provide reliable recipes and educational resources to empower curious home cooks to become more confident and skilled in the kitchen.

Love Nature: Love Nature brings audiences closer to the beauty and wonder of nature by sharing powerful stories from our natural world. Filmed in the highest quality, Love Nature offers viewers exclusive content from around the globe, fostering a deeper understanding and connection to this planet we call home. From visiting awe-inspiring landscapes to seeing animals in their natural habitats, Love Nature presents audiences with the opportunity to explore the complexity of life on earth.

MagellanTV Now: Explore the complex and dramatic stories of real life, from the discoveries of science that shape our lives to the majesty of nature and the people and events that shaped history. Powered by MagellanTV.

Space Science Now: Explore the cutting edge of human achievement. Journey to the deepest reaches of space. Dive into the mysterious physics of quantum realms. Fly with astronauts into hostile extraterrestrial realms.

Wild Oceans: Explore the Earth as it once was, where predators and prey enact the ancient rituals of survival. Experience how ocean life molds ecosystems as rich and majestic as the creatures that inhabit them.

As a reminder, Philo only recently introduced its new free tier, which unlocks access to more than 70 FAST channels without the need for a paid live TV subscription. To access the free service simply head over to the Philo website and create a free account.

In terms of the paid plan, Philo recently confirmed that its base package will increase in price to $28 a month later this month. While no one likes price increases, subscribers to the new Core plan will get access to AMC+ as part of their subscription.

Alternatively, existing subscribers can opt to forgo AMC+ and remain on their current plan, paying their current monthly price.

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