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Delete Peacock: How to Completely Close a Free Account


Delete Peacock

Completely deleting a free Peacock subscription and account is not as easy as it should be. However, it can be done if a user really wants their account and related user information to be removed.

Peacock TV launched on July 15 and the service is available in three different tiers. NBCUniversal has taken this approach as a means to ensure that whatever the consumer’s budget, there’s a plan to suit their needs. At the ultimate accessible level, there’s the free tier which opens up a wide selection of movies and TV shows at no cost. In comparison, consumers can opt for upgraded plans through the premium and premium plus tiers.

While having a free tier is a great option for consumers, the approach NBCU has taken means that the free plan is considered a default plan. In other words, while it is easy enough to cancel Peacock premium or premium plus, the service assumes the user will be happy to retain access to the free level. After all, it’s free.

Yes, consumers can just stop using the service and if the account is set to the free plan then there is no cost liability, however, whether coming from a premium plan, or just tired of the free plan, there’s no easy way to ultimately bring a Peacock subscription to a permanent close.

Permanently deleting a Peacock account

To be clear, there is an option to fully delete a Peacock subscription. However, this is not one of those cases where you can just close the free subscription down and then at a later point, click activate again and have all the accounts resurfaced as it was before. Instead, consumers will need to fully delete their entire Peacock account, including all personal data related to the account.

Essentially, deleting the free Peacock subscription currently involves deleting a Peacock profile completely. Here’s how to do that.

Deleting a Peacock profile

The service’s help pages do have a dedicated “How do I delete my account?” page (link), although it is only marginally helpful. The limited information provided makes it clear that to delete a profile requires subscribers to actively request the company to delete the information it has on file. While this is not unusual, the linking of the free account does make it a convoluted process for those just looking to stop being a Peacock subscriber.

The FAQ page points users to the company’s official privacy policy (link) which is equally filled with more information that might prove to be confusing for some consumers. Buried within that page is a line that reads “U.S. residents who wish to learn more about access or deletion requests may click here” with a link to another page.

The page linked to is NBCU’s ‘Individual Rights Request Portal’ and this includes a form that needs to be filled out by the consumer. The button below is a direct link to the delete information request form.

The form itself requires consumers to provide some of their personal information, such as full name and email address. Once filled out, make sure the “Delete Information” option at the top is selected, and “Peacock” is listed as the “Select applicable brand(s)” option before submitting.

What to be aware of when deleting

If the route to deleting a free Peacock subscription was not complicated enough, it is important to understand the effects of a move like this. As a successful request is not only deactivating an active subscription, but requesting NBCU deletes all of the information it has on the consumer. This will also likely mean the user has to re-provide the same information if they want to use Peacock TV again in the future.

In addition, there is also no guarantee that the account will be deleted, and certainly, that it will be deleted immediately. Instead, this is simply a request form that consumers can use to tell Peacock that the consumer wants the service to delete its information. As the company explains in its privacy policy:

“Your rights and our responses will vary based on your state or country of residency.”

Source: NBCUniversal

Deleting Peacock account summary

In reality, if you are just not interested in using Peacock TV any longer, the easiest solution is to simply make sure the subscription is set to the free level and then uninstall the app and stop using the service.

While this is not ideal as it technically keeps the user as a subscriber, albeit not an active one, it is the easiest solution. Considering the access level is free, there’s no monthly cost involved if the consumer just stops using the service.

However, for those who want to permanently close their Peacock account, the ability to do so currently remains in the hands of NBCUniversal. The company would naturally be expected to comply with any local laws requiring them to honor a consumer request, and most likely comply with any requests it is not legally obligated to if asked, but that’s not quite the same as just hitting delete and knowing a Peacock account has been deleted.

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16 responses to “Delete Peacock: How to Completely Close a Free Account”

  1. When I created an account for free tv, Peacock replied with a message – “A new device is signed into your Peacock account.” Beneath this message is a Web Browser note re date and Manteca United States. Peacock suggested changing my password, after making several attempts to reset, I gave up. What is going on?

  2. I’ve been trying to cancel and delete my account but it keeps charging me for premium when I’m not even using the app. I tried canceling the subscription and it still charged me. I just want to delete the account. It won’t even let me remove my card info without entering another credit card into their system.

  3. The submit button will not work . I’m contacting the attorney general for our state.

  4. Want to delete my account now I’m not interested anymore

  5. Thank god I didn’t give them any payment info, considering how hard it is to delete an account. They tricked me into signing up in the first place, I was just trying to create an NBC account to vote on AGT. Something’s not right here.

  6. i accidentally clicked on peacock while trying to watch a movie and now can’t find a way to unsubscribe. This is very frustrating.BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CLICK ON !!!!!!

  7. I want to delete my (free) account but they’ve obviously intentionally made it impossible to do. Very unethical!!!!

  8. Class action suit

  9. I’ve been trying for days to watch my program on the free and an account pending for this TV programs. At witts end I am. I’ll be billed next month for a program I can’t get into on my pags. If anyone’s smart don’t get Peacock even if Wrestling is on it. Give up and just mad


  11. I have been trying to delete my account, final page does not allow me to hit submit!
    They also do not allow you to delete/remove a credit card.
    If ever a class action lawsuit needed its here.

  12. I wish to delete NBC App on my Android phone without allowing access to my personal info. Please delete from my phone. I do not need this wasted space .

  13. Thanks. I’m in the process of deleting my account info. and you are correct; the process is disgusting. It may be an uphill battle for society ad a whole, but I’m interested in resource material that will help me lessen my digital presence. Any suggestions? In any case, thanks for this information.

    1. Clifford Goolsby Avatar
      Clifford Goolsby

      I found that the site made it necessary for me to act as if I were someone else, requesting the account deletion (for myself). After filling out all the info it still would not let me proceed without uploading a file. So I created a file with the request to delete my account. That file included all my account info as well, so they know who wrote it. Now I wait to hear from them…

    2. I want to delete my peacock account now!!!!

      1. Good luck trying to do it it took me two days and it says that it’s not confirmed that they will even do that. They want to charge for over-the-air shows in their second season it’s not free a lie only if you want to watch reruns I think it’s a farce and false advertisement but I deleted all mine but whether they do it or not stand to be seen.

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