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Peacock’s Student Discount Is Cheaper Than Usual Right Now


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Peacock is currently cheaper than usual for students, so long as they don’t mind signing up and paying for a full year in advance. As this Peacock Premium discount is aimed at students, verification of status is required to lock in the $19.99 annual plan deal.

Peacock is one of the streaming services that has always offered a student discount. Typically, the streaming service offers students the option to pay $1.99 a month for their subscription, resulting in a total of $23.88 over a 12-month period. This week, however, Peacock began offering students a full year of Peacock Premium for just $19.99. Those interested can sign up through the dedicated student promotional page and Peacock released a blog post earlier this week further outlining the offer and what students can expect.

Even though this new annual offer is only $4 cheaper than the usual monthly student discount, it is still $4. For the math majors out there, that’s about 17% cheaper than the usual monthly deal.

Speaking of which, the launch of the new annual student discount appears to have replaced the monthly discount offer, and it currently remains unclear if that is a permanent or limited-time change. Peacock typically requires students to re-verify each year to maintain their discount, and this will likely mean it will renew (after reverification) at the annual rate. If and when the student discount isn’t reverified, the subscription will automatically renew at the usual annual price (currently $59.99).

As a reminder, Peacock offers two main Premium plans to choose between and the one included with the student discount is the standard ad-supported Premium tier. The more expensive Premium Plus tier not only removes the ads, but also unlocks access to a subscriber’s local NBC channel. It also offers the option to download videos for offline playback as well.

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