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Peacock’s NFL Playoff Game Helped Make Jan. 13 The Most-Streamed Day In History


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January 13 was the most-streamed day in history. This is based on the latest data from Nielsen, which also confirmed that the first month of the year produced nine of the 10 highest daily streaming levels ever.

While January is usually when TV usage hits a peak, the report notes that viewing levels were 1.4% higher in January 2024 than in January 2023. With 40.8 billion minutes streamed, Jan. 13 registered as the most-streamed day overall. According to Nielsen, the increase in streaming on this day was driven by Peacock’s exclusive NFL playoff game.

Other than Dec. 31, 2023, which ranked ninth overall, nine out of the top 10 days with the most streaming viewership were all in January 2024.

Nielsen top 10 streaming days january

In general, the Streaming category accounted for 36% of total TV usage in January, up from the 35.9% reported for December 2023. This compares to 27.9% for Cable (down from 28.2%), 24.2% for Broadcast (up from 23.5% in December) and 11.8% for Other. While Nielsen doesn’t include live TV streaming (via MVPDs and vMVPDs) in the Streaming category, live TV streaming accounted for 6.2% of total television usage during the month.

When it comes to individual services, YouTube accounted for 8.6% (up from 8.5%), with Netflix in second at 7.9% (up from 7.7%) and Prime Video in third with 2.8% (down from 3.3%). January also saw Disney+ hold steady at 1.9%, Peacock jump to 1.6%, Max drop to 1.3% and Paramount remaining at 0.9%. In terms of free services, Tubi climbed to 1.5% (up from 1.4%), The Roku Channel increased to 1.1% (up from 1%) and Pluto TV remained at 0.7%

While Peacock’s exclusive NFL playoff game was clearly a winner, Netflix’s Fool Me Once also did well, racking up 6.5 billion viewing minutes across the month and becoming the first original to top the streaming charts since May 2023.

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