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Peacock with Xfinity: How to Sign In & Watch on X1, Flex or the Website


Peacock with Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity customers can link their account to Peacock and access the streaming service on other devices as well as their X1 of Flex set-top box. Considering Xfinity customers get access to Peacock Premium for free, it is worth linking the accounts to get the most out of the streaming service at no additional cost.

Peacock launched nationwide in July of 2020. However, the service became available to Xfinity customers a couple of months earlier than everyone else. Furthermore, while anyone can sign up for a free Peacock account, Xfinity customers can get access to Peacock Premium for free. Peacock Premium normally costs $4.99 per month and unlocks all of the content available through the streaming service.

Xfinity customers looking to make the most of the subscription by getting the free Premium tier will need to link their Peacock and Xfinity accounts together. This can be done either through the app on an Xfinity X1 or Flex device, or directly via the Peacock website.

Signing in to Peacock with Xfinity

The Peacock app is available on Flex and X1 boxes and can be accessed by pressing the Xfinity button on the remote, using the right arrow to navigate to Apps and then selecting Peacock. Once open, the user can sign in with their existing Comcast email address.

Sign in on Flex or X1:

  1. Open Peacock app
  2. Click “OK” to enter email address
  3. Enter Comcast email address
  4. Click “OK”

Alternatively, Xfinity customers can use a different email address by clicking on “Enter new email” and manually typing in the new one before clicking on OK. Regardless of the email address used, the subscriber will see a confirmation on the screen confirming their Peacock Premium subscription. Following which, the app will automatically redirect to the home page and all of the content available through Peacock.

Once a Peacock account has been created, the subscriber will also receive an email to set up their password. After the password has been created, the subscriber will then be able to use the same email address and password to log in to Peacock on other devices.

Although Xfinity customers can sign up and watch on their X1 or Flex set-top box, they can also sign up to Peacock Premium for free directly through the website.

Sign in via Peacock website

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. Enter an email address and password
  4. Confirm name, DOB and ZIP code
  5. Agree to the terms of use
  6. Click “Create account”

Once the account has been created, the subscriber will have access to the basic free version of Peacock. The subscriber will then need to link the account with an existing Xfinity account to unlock the free Peacock Premium upgrade.

Link Peacock and Xfinity accounts:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on profile icon
  4. Click “Account” (top right corner)
  5. Select “Xfinity” (under “Link Provider”)

The user will then be redirected to an Xfinity login page where they will need to enter either their Comcast email, mobile number or username along with their password. Once signed in, the user will then be redirected back to Peacock and will have access to Peacock Premium.

Whether signing up or signing in through the app on an X1 or Flex, or via the Peacock website, Xfinity customers can then sign in on any of Peacock’s supported devices by using the same login details. They won’t need to link accounts again, but they will need to log in with their email address and password.

Peacock with Xfinity summary

Comcast Xfinity customers can get access to the $4.99 Peacock Premium subscription for free just by signing up. Any eligible Xfinity customer can get started and sign in directly through the Peacock app on their X1 or Flex box. Alternatively, they can sign up through the Peacock website using their existing Comcast email address and then linking their account.

Once signed up, logged in, and the Comcast and Peacock accounts have been linked with each other, Xfinity customers will then be able to use the same login credentials to sign in and stream Peacock shows, movies and originals on any of the service’s supported device.

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  1. Whenever I select a program on my TV connected to Xfinity X1 I get an error Something Went Wrong and I can never watch any programs on Peacock on my TV. Peacock works fine on my computer.

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