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How To Add Peacock To A Roku Player Or Roku TV


Peacock on Roku player TV

Peacock is one of many apps that can be added to a Roku player or a smart TV powered by Roku OS. Getting Peacock on a Roku is not a complicated process and not actually any different to installing other apps on the device. In fact, there are two ways to download Peacock on a Roku, so users can choice the best option based on their location and the device used at the time.

Roku remains an incredibly popular option for those looking for a streaming player. This is not all that surprising considering the range of Roku players that are available, and with prices starting as low as $30. At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the range of smart TVs powered by Roku OS. More commonly known as Roku TVs, these devices are made by third-party manufacturers and not only range in terms of features and support, but also on price.

Regardless of whether it is a Roku player or a Roku TV, the underlying operating system works exactly the same, including when downloading an app like Peacock. Technically, Roku refers to apps as “Channels” although there’s no real difference at the user level. To download the Peacock app/channel on a Roku player or TV, simply navigate to the Home screen and use the search icon to find the app.

Add Peacock to Roku:

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote
  2. Scroll down
  3. Select ‘Streaming Channels’
  4. Search for “peacock”
  5. Find ‘Peacock TV’ in the results
  6. Click ‘Add channel’

The Peacock app will then be downloaded and installed on the Roku player or the Roku TV. To access the app, simply press the ‘Home’ button on the remote to navigate back to the home screen. The Peacock app can then be found in the app section along with the other apps already installed on the device.

As mentioned, there is actually two ways to add an app to a Roku device and the second option can be used when not directly in front of the Roku player or TV. Simply head over to Roku’s Peacock channel page, sign in using the Roku account details (or create an account) and then click the ‘Add channel’ button at the top of the page. If the user only has one Roku device, the app will automatically be downloaded and installed. If there is more than one Roku device linked to the same account, the user may need to specify which device they want the app to be installed on.

A subscription might still be needed

With Peacock downloaded on a Roku player, the user can immediately open the app and start watching content. Peacock does offer a completely free tier, so consumers don’t need to pay anything to start watching. However, they will need to create a Peacock account to access the free content if they have not already.

It is also worth noting that the free Peacock tier is limited in a number of ways that will affect the overall experience. For starters, the free tier is supported by ads. More importantly, the free tier is extremely limited in terms of the amount of content that’s available to watch. For any consumers that want to unlock the full Peacock library, including live sports, they will need to upgrade and pay for a Premium subscription.

Peacock offers two main paid plans, the standard Premium plan and the Premium Plus plan. Generally speaking, these plans are very similar and both will open up all of the content that’s available to stream at the time. However, for those that want an ad-free experience, they will need to pay for the most expensive Premium Plus plan. The standard Premium plan costs $4.99 per month, while Premium Plus adds an extra $5 increasing the overall monthly cost to $9.99 each month.

Peacock planPriceUnlimitedAd-Free
Premium Plus$9.99

Adding Peacock to Roku summary

Adding Peacock to a Roku player or TV can be done in two different ways. Arguably, the easiest way is to just open the Channel Store on the Roku device and search for “peacock.” Once the Peacock TV app (channel) is shown, click on the ‘Add channel’ button to download the app. The other way is to send the Peacock app directly to a Roku device from the Roku website. Simply log in, visit the Peacock channel page and then click on the “Add channel’ button. Owners of more than one Roku device will need to specify which device they want the Peacock app sent to.

Once downloaded, Roku users can immediately start watching Peacock for free. An account will need to be created, or signed in if an existing subscriber, but Peacock does offer a free tier which becomes available after creating the account or signing in. Alternatively, new users can sign up to one of the two paid Premium subscriptions. Both of these paid plans unlock all of the available Peacock content, including live sports.

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