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Get a 6-Month Peacock Premium Subscription For $20.96


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Peacock is currently offering new subscribers the option to save 30 percent on the cost of a Premium subscription for the first six months. Peacock already offers different plans to suit the budgets of different homes, but this deal is a good way to upgrade from the free plan without having to pay the usual monthly price.

A standard Peacock Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month. Again, there is the option to sign up to Peacock for free, but the free plan does come with a number of limitations. In comparison, the Peacock Premium plan unlocks the ability to stream all of the content that’s available through the service. There is also a Peacock Premium Plus tier as well, priced at $9.99 per month. This one is mostly the same as the standard Peacock Premium plan although the higher price removes the ads.

Right now, the standard Peacock Premium plan can be signed up for $20.96 for the first six months. This works out to be $3.49 per month resulting in a saving of around 30 percent compared to the usual $4.99 per month. To sign up for the deal, head over to the Peacock website, select “Get Premium” under Peacock Premium, and then click on “Have a promo code” and enter the “Today30” discount code. Once entered, the price will adjust to show the discounted rate. This is a limited time deal with the option to save only available through October 15.

It should be noted that consumers will be charged the full $20.96 for the first six months when signing up so there is no way to actually sign up at $3.49 per month. Therefore, if a consumer is unsure whether they will remain subscribed for the full six months, they might be better off sticking with the standard monthly plan and retaining the option to cancel Peacock on a monthly basis. Likewise, if a consumer plans to stay subscribed for an entire year, they might be better off actually opting for the annual plan. At $49.99 for the year, they’ll save around $1 over the twelve months compared to paying the discounted rate for the first six months and then the usual $4.99 per month price for the other six months.

It is also worth noting that the deal can technically be applied to the Peacock Premium Plus plan as well. Essentially, the discount will apply to the Peacock Premium portion of the deal and then the Plus add-on will be charged separately each month. In other words, the consumer will pay $25.96 up front (Peacock Premium for six months and the Plus add-on for one month) and then will continue paying $5 per month for the Plus add-on. Regardless of which plan they sign up to, the subscription will automatically be charged at the full rate after the first six months.

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