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Peacock Premier League Replays for All Matches Available Again


Peacock premier league replays

Premier League Replays for all matches are once again available to stream on Peacock. This marks a change to the service’s policy following a previous change that removed games originally shown on other channels, such as NBC and NBCSN.

Peacock launched in July of 2019 after a smaller rollout for Xfinity customers and one of the major selling points from the sports perspective was the access to the English Premier League.

Even before the service launched, Peacock advertised that 175 games would be exclusively available to Premium paid subscribers. In addition, paid subscribers would be able to watch replays of all matches shown during the season, regardless of whether they originally aired on Peacock, NBCSN, or any other NBC-related channel.

However, that changed last month when Peacock suddenly blocked access to any matches that were not originally aired on Peacock. This change resulted in subscribers also having to pay separately for a service that included access to NBC channels, if they wanted to watch all soccer replays.

Peacock’s latest Premier League change

Peacock now allows paid subscribers to access all Premier League Replays once again, reversing the previous policy change. Replays have returned starting with the January 12 Burnley vs. Man United game (originally shown on NBCSN) which can now be found in the ‘Premier League Replays’ row under the Sports section.

As a result, paid subscribers should have no issues streaming any of the replays going forward. However, although the non-Peacock matches are now starting to return, the previous missing games are not expected to be available. Instead, only replays for upcoming games will show up in the app.

In addition, Peacock’s general Premier League Replays rules have not changed. Replays for any matches that are shown outside of Peacock will not be available to stream through the service until 9 p.m. ET on the same day. Furthermore, they will only remain available for thirty days after taking place. The latter caveat applies regardless whether the Premier League game was shown on a traditional NBC channel or exclusively through Peacock.

Source: Peacock

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2 responses to “Peacock Premier League Replays for All Matches Available Again”

  1. Was about to cancel my subscription after the initial backstab. Seems like this may be an occasion that management actually reacted to user complaints and cancellations. They’ll retain my subscription this season, but I wouldn’t expect all non-peacock broadcasts to be available for replay next season.

  2. i canceled when i heard this news, i wonder why they changed again

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