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Peacock Drops Premier League Replays For NBC & NBCSN Matches [Updated]


Peacock Soccer Replays NBC

Update Jan 13, 2021: Premier League replays for all matches have now returned. More details.

Original article: Peacock Premier League Replays no longer include matches that were originally broadcast on either NBC or NBCSN. This marks a major change from what was originally on offer to those who signed up to the Premium Peacock plan.

For English Premier League fans, one of the big selling points with Peacock was the included soccer coverage. From the very beginning, Premier League access was touted as a major feature, with no less than 175 games due to be exclusively shown on the streaming service. Peacock also offered subscribers the option to watch the remaining matches in full, provided they waited until later in the evening.

Peacock is currently confirming on social media that it has made a change to the way replays work going forward. Specifically, Peacock has been responding to comments and explaining the service will no longer provide access to replays for matches that air on NBC or NBCSN. Instead, Peacock only now offers the option to watch replays for games exclusively shown on the streaming service.

A major change to soccer on Peacock

Following an initial beta launch for Comcast customers, Peacock officially started streaming nationwide on July 15. Even before this date, Comcast and NBCUniversal issued a press release specifically confirming how Premier League coverage would work.

“In total, Peacock Premium will present more than 1,500 hours of Premier League live match and shoulder programming – the most robust offering ever available in the U.S. Included are full-event replays for all 380 matches on-demand (after 9 p.m. ET).”


Considering 380 games are shown during the season, the ability to only now watch 175 matches, represents a significant reduction in the number of replays subscribers have access to. In addition, this also means that anyone who had previously signed up with the understanding they will be able to watch all of the games without a live TV subscription, albeit with some on a delay, will now have to reconsider their options.

The social media messages issued by Peacock do not explicitly explain why it has made this change, although the website has been updated to read “Watch more than 175 exclusive matches live plus on-demand replays of select matches.” Furthermore, the change already appears to have taken effect, considering matches from yesterday, including the Manchester derby between United and City, are notably missing from the Premier League Replays section of the Peacock app.

Source: Peacock Support (Twitter)

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16 responses to “Peacock Drops Premier League Replays For NBC & NBCSN Matches [Updated]”

  1. See the problem with this is if the team you support becomes successful, their games are far more likely to be played on regular TV – which means you have to get up at ridiculous times or be willing to take time off work in order to watch them. The whole point of a streaming service like this is you get to watch games in your time zone at times that make sense and don’t require 4am alarm clocks. It also means the app has almost no value at all. In my case there are probably less that 4 or 5 games that I get to stream. Even if I was inclined to keep paying my subscription, I would only do so for the occasional month a Liverpool game is streamable.

    I supported my team since my dad took me to watch them for the first time at the age of 5. It’s almost ironic that after 30 years of waiting for them to win a league championship, the result is I can no longer get to see them play.

  2. Cool website. NBC Comcast is more worried that people are cord cutting, so they want their best content to be only available via cable subscription. They probably thought people would keep cable to watch the games live, then realized that most Americans watch the games delayed anyways, so having every thing on Peacock would allow some to save $ by cutting cable and just getting peacock.

  3. I wanted to watch the Manchester derby. Peacock says it wasn’t on Peacock so replay is on NBC Sports app. It’s not there either! What a scam! Rebecca you’re going to hear from me. You’ve taken a GIANT leap backwards in my eyes. Joining the NBC Corporate, know NOTHING about football, hypocrites!

  4. I emailed them and requested a refund on the grounds that I no longer receive what they sold me. The refunded the entire year of service I prepaid for within a matter of hours. I wasn’t given any sort of apology or other communication, just the refund.

  5. I’m sad, I just went on my Peacock app and removed my subscription!
    This is what people do: they shoot themselves in the foot, they forget we are living in cancel culture these days. So let the cancellation of Peacock began fellas!

  6. I am canceling as I type this . They escalate you and they contact you regarding your refund

    1. Did they actually give it though? I’m waiting to get contacted now. Ridiculous that you have to fight with them to get a refund they clearly did not deliver what they were advertising

  7. I’m surprised the EPL doesn’t get involved — NBC is ruining their brand in the US

  8. What about people who signed up for the full year subscription based on the previously advertised coverage of every match? Are they going to get the rest of their money back now that Peacock suddenly dropped much of their Premier League coverage, including most of the best games? What a rip-off.

  9. This is outrageous. The promise of watching all premier league replays is the only reason I wanted peacock.

    So, how do we watch all the replays? Are they offering it somewhere else?

  10. Not as advertised. Cx this am

  11. Peacock is a terrible streaming service for pulling a bait and switch like this. I signed up exclusively for the premier league. All the other options on peacock can be found on different stream services I have and without ads!! I was okay overlooking all that because I really only cared for the premier league and now that they’ve changed that I’m done. I really really hope they got a lot of backlash and hate for this.

  12. Classic bate and switch. I am canceling.

    1. Will they offer a refund for me if I cancel my subscription now? Class-action lawsuit anyone???

      1. Class action all the way. Send links if you have them. Talking to a lawyer today.

        1. I just tried contacting them and they are refusing to give a refund. I hope their service crashes and burns for this. So messed up

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