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How to Pause a fuboTV Subscription & What Happens After


Pause fuboTV subscription

fuboTV offers the option to pause a live TV subscription instead of canceling. Whether it is to try another service in the meantime or just to hold off on making payments for a month or two, the ability to pause a subscription may prove more useful than canceling for some fuboTV subscribers. Before actually pausing a subscription, however, it is important to be aware of what pausing actually means and what happens once a subscription has been paused.

fuboTV is not quite at the subscriber level as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV or YouTube TV, but it is still a service that’s continually attracting new subscribers, and its momentum doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Priced the same as Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, fuboTV can be a good option for live TV streaming and especially for those interested in access to as much live sports as possible.

With plans starting at $64.99 per month, fuboTV is still an expensive service in general, making the cost of the subscription one of the main reasons why a subscriber might consider canceling. Although it is easy enough to cancel a fuboTV subscription when the time comes, the service does offer the option to pause instead. This can be particularly useful when trying out another service to see if it is a better fit, when vacationing for a longer period, or while waiting for a specific league to start back up again.

How to pause a fuboTV subscription

The option to pause a fuboTV subscription can be found in the same section of the settings as the option to cancel a subscription, making it easy enough to choose between the two.

Pause subscription instructions:

  1. Head to the fuboTV website
  2. Sign in if required
  3. Select profile (if asked)
  4. Click on My Profile icon (top right)
  5. Click My Account
  6. Click “View subscription details” (under Account Details)
  7. Click “Pause Subscription” (above “Cancel subscription”)
  8. Select the duration of the pause
  9. Click “Confirm” to complete pause

Subscribers have the option of either pausing the subscription for one, two, or three months, with the pause taking effect starting from the next billing date. For those signed up to a fuboTV quarterly plan, pausing will automatically put the subscription on hold for one billing period – three months.

For reference, the option to pause is only available to those subscribers that are billed directly by fuboTV and on a monthly or quarterly basis. In other words, if billed by a third-party or annually, then subscribers won’t see the option to “pause subscription” in their settings.

What happens after pausing a subscription

Once a subscription has been paused, subscribers can forget about making the next payment when it is due. In the meantime, they will retain access to their live TV subscription allowing them to stream live TV channels and on demand content right up until when the next payment would have been taken. As this date tends to vary between subscribers, there is no set or standard date for the pausing or unpausing to take effect and subscribers will need to make a note of the date the account will be reactivated again.

One of the benefits of pausing a subscription over canceling is that the subscriber’s account, including their settings, remains the same. For example, while a subscriber cannot access live TV or recordings during a subscription pause, their recordings remain linked to the account. Once the pause is lifted and the subscription resumes, the subscriber will have access again to all of the recordings they made before the pause was started.

Another possible benefit is the price itself. If canceling a fuboTV subscription only to then restart it again at a later time, there is the possibility that the price of the subscription may have changed. With a paused subscription, however, the price remains the same and any previous discounts will still be applied when the subscription restarts once again.

Of course, the danger with a paused subscription is that it is due to automatically restart on a certain date. As a result, subscribers will need to be aware of that date and make sure to cancel the subscription fully if they decide they do not want to return to fuboTV. Otherwise, the payment for the full cost of the subscription will automatically be charged on the date the pause is lifted.

Pausing fuboTV summary

Pausing a fuboTV subscription can be a useful alternative to canceling and is likely to prove particularly beneficial to those that just need a short break from making payments. For example, when a season or league has finished and waiting for the next one to start, when away from home for a longer period than usual, or to avoid paying for two services at the same time while trying out a competing service. The option to pause a fuboTV subscription can be found within the My Account section of the fuboTV website.

When pausing a subscription, the subscriber has the option to pause for as little as one month or as long as three months. While in a paused state, all of the subscriber’s preferences, settings and recordings remain the same and will be available again once the paused period ends. Even though pausing is a useful alternative to canceling, fuboTV subscribers will want to be aware of when the pause is due to be lifted, especially for those that do not plan on restarting the fuboTV subscription again.

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