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Paramount Plus & Showtime Bundle Down To $8 Per Month


Paramount+ Showtime

The Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle is now available for as little as $8 per month, and if opting to pay for an annual subscription, new subscribers will save even more. Even without the additional yearly savings, the current bundle price marks a significant discount on the cost of the two services, especially when compared to paying separately for both.

The cost of Paramount Plus on its own is $4.99 per month for the Essential plan. This is the ad-supported version, with the option to upgrade to the ad-free Premium Paramount Plus costing $9.99 per month. As for Showtime, a standalone subscription can cost as much as $10.99, depending on where and how the subscription is purchased.

Right now, and through October 2nd 2022, Paramount Plus has dropped the price of the Showtime bundle down to as little as $7.99 per month. The $7.99 price is available when signing up through the Paramount Plus website or one of the platform apps and is specifically for the Essential + Showtime bundle. This Essential bundle includes the ad-supported version of Paramount Plus and represents a decent saving compared to the usual $11.99 bundle price.

For those wanting to go ad-free with Paramount Plus as well as Showtime, the Premium + Showtime bundle is currently down to $12.99 per month. This represents a $2 saving on the usual $14.99 Premium bundle price.

If opting to go the annual plan route, then the Essential + Showtime bundle costs $79.99 per year which works out to be around $6.67 each month on average. Again, if wanting to go ad-free, the Premium + Showtime annual plan costs $129.99 per year, resulting in an average monthly cost of around $10.83. Regardless of whether singing up on an annual or monthly basis, all new customers are able to take advantage of a 7-day free trial.

Paramount bundle annual deal
Current annual bundle prices

Up until recently, bundle subscribers did have to use two apps to access both services. However, Paramount has now started integrating Showtime content within the Paramount Plus app for a more seamless user experience. In fact, it is this start of integration that has led to the current bundle promotion, which as a reminder, is available up until Oct. 2.

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