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Paramount Plus Is Coming To The Roku Channel


Paramount Plus and Roku

Paramount Plus will soon be available as a premium subscription through The Roku Channel. Although this won’t make having access to Paramount Plus any cheaper, it is an additional way to subscribe, and especially for those that want to streamline management of multiple subscriptions through one service. In this case, through Roku.

The Roku Channel is Roku’s own streaming service which provides access to a variety of episodes and movies for free. In addition to its free-to-watch content, The Roku Channel is also home to some premium subscriptions. Just like how certain premium networks can be subscribed to through a live TV plan, Roku makes it easy to subscribe to certain streaming services.

Paramount Plus is going to be the latest addition to the list of supported subscriptions through The Roku Channel. Roku has not specifically stated when the option to subscribe to Paramount Plus will become available, but the announcement does explain that it is expected to go live “later this month.” At which point, anyone with access to The Roku Channel, and a payment option on file, will be able to subscribe to Paramount Plus without having to sign up through the Paramount+ website.

In terms of the price, there’s no change here and consumers won’t save by signing up through The Roku Channel. Instead, the Paramount Plus Essential (ad-supported) plan will cost $4.99 per month through the Roku Channel. Likewise, those that want to opt for the ad-free Premium plan will end up paying $9.99 per month through The Roku Channel, the same price it is through the Paramount+ website.

It is worth noting that Paramount Plus does also provide access to some live content including access to a subscriber’s local CBS channel. To further highlight this benefit, Roku says that Paramount Plus subscriptions will launch with a dedicated Live TV Guide to make it easier and quicker to see what’s on live and tune in.

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