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How To Get Paramount Plus On An LG TV (Or Check Support)


Paramount+ LG

Paramount Plus is available to download and watch on an LG smart TV, but not all models are currently supported. Due to this, it is worth checking if a particular TV is compatible before actually signing up and paying for a subscription. In cases where the app is not available to download on an LG TV, there is always the option of adding a streaming player to help bridge the support gap.

Paramount+ is a popular streaming service that provides access to a variety of shows, movies and exclusive content. A standard subscription costs $4.99 per month, but consumers can opt to upgrade to the premium plan at $9.99 per month. There are a number of differences between the two plans, with the use of ads one of the most obvious.

Before attempting to watch Paramount Plus on an LG smart TV, it is important to make sure the TV is actually an officially supported device. At present, Paramount+ is compatible with 2018 and newer LG TV models. There is also the added caveat that the TV needs to be running webOS 4.0 or higher, and this could mean that some TVs will need to be updated first. If still unsure whether an individual TV is supported, one of the easiest ways to check is to try and download the app on the smart TV.

The process of installing Paramount Plus on an LG smart TV is no different to installing any other compatible app.

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Launch the LG Content Store
  3. Select “Apps” at the top of the screen.
  4. Select “Paramount+” if shown in the list of available apps
  5. If not, click on the search icon (top right)
  6. Search for “Paramount+”
  7. Select the app
  8. Click “Install”

Once the app has been installed on an LG smart TV it will become immediately available to access from the home screen and listed under the installed apps section. It is also worth keeping in mind that the LG TV does need to be connected to the home Wi-Fi network to be able to install an app. If the Paramount+ app does not appear when performing a search in the LG Content Store, then it is likely that Paramount Plus doesn’t currently support the LG TV model.

After installing Paramount Plus

Although the Paramount Plus app is immediately available to use after installation, the LG smart TV owner will still need to set the app up. Specifically, they will need an active Paramount Plus subscription before they can start watching any of the shows, movies, and exclusive content. If an account has already been created, the TV owner can simply click on the “Sign In” button and then “On my TV” to enter their account details. Alternatively, they can also click on “Sign In” and then “On” to authenticate their subscription using another device, and without having to manually enter the email address and password on the smart TV.

If a subscription hasn’t been set up yet, this will need to be done first. Users can either pick one of the plans and sign up through the Paramount+ website before then following the instructions above, or launch the LG Paramount+ TV app and click on the “Sign Up” option. They will then be presented with an access code on the screen that can be entered at through a computer or mobile browser. Once done, they will be shown the different Paramount+ plans and can continue to sign up as normal. While this method is effectively the same as signing up through the website directly, it does save on having to go back to the Paramount+ website to authenticate the TV after creating the subscription.

Regardless of whether signing up for the first time through the website, on the LG TV, or signing in with an existing subscription, once the account has been authenticated, the LG TV will automatically refresh. At which point, the user will immediately gain access to the app and be able to watch all of the content that’s available to watch through Paramount Plus.

Paramount+ on LG TV summary

LG smart TV owners can install the Paramount+ app on their TV and watch all their favorite movies and shows. However. Support for the Paramount Plus app only extends to LG TVs dating back to 2018 and running a minimum of webOS 4.0. Even if an owner of an older TV is able to install the app, they may run into performance-related issues. Providing the TV model is supported, the Paramount Plus app can be directly installed through the LG Content Store on the TV, just like any other app.

After installing the app, the LG TV owner will still need to authenticate the TV by linking it to their Paramount Plus subscription. While this can be done on the TV, another device with access to a web browser will still be required. Once the subscription has been authenticated and linked to the LG TV, the user will then be able to access the app as normal, and watch Paramount Plus.

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13 responses to “How To Get Paramount Plus On An LG TV (Or Check Support)”

  1. The app exists on my LG TV. However, since my subscription is through Apple TV+, the Paramount+ App cannot be activated. And you cannot see it through the Apple TV+ App on the LG TV.

    Paramount+ needs to allow you to authenticate through Apple TV+ or directly with Paramount+. The easy way is for the Paramount+ Appl to offer the option to handoff authentication to Apple.

  2. This is a pointless article because the app doesn’t exist..

  3. Im in the United States and I have a 8 month old LG Smart TV model number UP7000 with the latest software update and after finding it thru LGs app store, it wants me to log into LGs account before I can even download Paramount plus. The tv already has a ton of apps already on it such as Hulu,Amazon Prime etc. Looks like Im gonna have to buy a Roku to use on my already so called smart TV…what a piece a junk

  4. Same here in UK, fully up to date, but no app?

  5. LG Content Store with WebOS 5 and no signal from Paramount+, greetings from Panama.

  6. They sell the subscription without an app. Amazing… I thought I had an app but no, there is no one. I would cancel the subscription.

  7. I’m in Australia, can’t get the app here on my 2020 LG smart tv, disappointing

    1. Same here in SA so I’ll be canceling my subscription.

  8. I’m in Canada, can’t find the app

  9. I once installed on my LG tv for the 7 days free trial but didn’t like the interface so I deleted from my tv. but now that they’re streaming EPL I subscribed again but my surprise is that not able to find the app anymore… very disappointed

  10. Im from Argentina, no Paramount app here…

  11. Same herefter in Denmark, webos 4.4 lg oled55b8pla and no paramount app 😞

  12. I have webOS 4.4 and there is no app for Paramount. I’m in Sweden, have they not launched LG app here?

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