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Paramount+ Now Streaming with Plans Starting at $5.99


Paramount Plus home screen

Paramount+ is now live with access to a variety of shows and movies, as well as the ability to stream some live TV. Getting started with the new ViacomCBS service is pretty easy to do and especially for existing CBS All Access subscribers who have now automatically become Paramount+ subscribers.

Paramount+ is not a totally new service. It was previously CBS All Access and similar to how HBO transformed into HBO Max, Paramount+ is best understood as CBS All Access+. Due to this it comes with access to all of the content previously available through CBS All Access as well as additional content from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and Smithsonian Channel.

With the service now live, consumers interested in trying Paramount out can. A standard subscription currently costs $5.99 per month while the ad-free experience is priced at $9.99 per month. Up until March 31, those signing up can take advantage of a one-month free trial.

Existing CBS All Access subscribers have automatically become Paramount+ subscribers so they won’t need to manually do anything. They can either use their normal login details to access Paramount+ through the website or simply open up their existing CBS app. Since going live, the CBS app on all platforms has transitioned to become the Paramount+ app.

A cheaper ad-supported plan coming soon

ViacomCBS was offering a major discount to any consumers that subscribed to the service before Paramount+ launched. Essentially, consumers were able to sign up for a yearly ad-supported or ad-free plan at 50-percent off the normal rate.

While that deal has now ended, ViacomCBS previously confirmed that starting in June, the ad-free plan will only cost $4.99 per month. Although only $1 cheaper than the existing rate, it does still translate to $12 off the yearly cost of a Paramount+ subscription. In contrast, the $9.99 ad-free plan is at its cheapest rate it will be, with no indications it will become lower in the future.

For those that do still want to save on the subscription cost, there is the option to sign up to an annual Paramount+ plan with a 15-percent discount. This deal results in the ad-supported plan dropping down to $59.99 per year while the ad-free plan reduces to $99.99 per year. Consumers will find the option available when signing up to the service and picking between the ad-supported and ad-free Paramount+ plans.

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