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How To Get Paramount Plus For Free (Or Almost Free)


Paramount+ discount

Paramount Plus does require a paid subscription to watch shows, movies and exclusive content, but there are a few ways to watch for free. Most of these options won’t be available to everyone, but if they apply to you, it can save on the price of a subscription, or remove the cost completely.

The monthly price of a Paramount Plus subscription depends on the quality of the experience a consumer wants. For those just looking for the cheapest plan overall, the Essential tier costs $4.99 per month. Those wanting an ad-free viewing experience can expect to pay $9.99 per month for the Premium plan. It is worth noting that some ads still might be shown when paying for the more expensive plan. There are also other ways to lower the cost of either an Essential or Premium subscription, including student discounts, annual plans, and limited-time deals.

For reference, it is actually possible to watch some Paramount Plus videos for free. That is, without the need to create an account, hand over any payment information, or have any existing subscriptions or services. A selection of free Paramount Plus content can be accessed via the website or through one of the various supported apps by clicking on the Watch Free Episodes option before signing up or signing in. However, the selection of free content is pretty limited and mainly consists of pilot episodes and shorter clips. Still, it is free.

For those looking to get unlimited access to Paramount+ for free, the easiest way is to simply take advantage of a free trial. The Paramount Plus free trial is available to any subscriber that hasn’t signed up before and is a great way to test the service out or catch up on the latest shows and movies without paying. The option to sign up for a free trial is available through the website and on most supported devices. Of course, the downside with the free trial is that it only lasts a short amount of time. Typically, the free trial length is seven days, but some may find they are offered a longer free period depending on when they sign up.

Free Paramount+ through Walmart

Another way to get free Paramount Plus is through Walmart. Similar to how Amazon offers additional benefits with its Prime membership, Walmart Plus also comes with some extra perks including a free Paramount Plus subscription. If already signed up to Walmart Plus, then this is an easy way to get a Paramount Plus subscription for free.

Walmart+ includes free Paramount Plus

It is worth noting that Walmart only offers access to the Essential plan. As a result, subscribers won’t be able to skip the ads or take advantage of any of the other benefits on offer with the more expensive Premium Paramount Plus plan.

Free Paramount+ through T-Mobile

Consumers that also happen to be T-Mobile customers may be able to get Paramount Plus for free for an entire year. T-Mobile is known for giving freebies to its customers and Paramount+ subscriptions are no different. Providing someone in the home already has an eligible T-Mobile or Sprint plan, they may also be eligible for a free Paramount+ subscription as well.

In addition to the eligibility requirements, and similar to the Walmart Plus offer, the downside of T-Mobile’s Paramount+ On Us deal is that it only applies to the Essential ad-supported plan with no option to upgrade to the Premium ad-free plan. Automatic billing will also be in effect, so consumers will want to make sure that they cancel the Paramount+ subscription before the end of the year if they don’t plan to continue with the service. Otherwise, they run the risk of automatically being charged the usual monthly rate.

Almost free Paramount+ with Showtime

This last option is not exactly free, but it may be cheap enough to make the cost negligible for any individuals that are already Showtime subscribers. A standard Showtime subscription costs $10.99 per month, but there is the option to bundle Showtime and Paramount Plus subscriptions together. The bundle deal originally launched at just $9.99 per month, but currently costs $11.99 each month when signing up through Paramount Plus or through Showtime. Essentially, this brings the price of Paramount Plus down to just $1 per month – providing the individual already has an active and full price Showtime subscription.

Paramount plus bundle with showtime
Essential and Showtime bundle

Similar to the T-Mobile method, the Showtime and Paramount+ bundle only includes the Essential (with ads) Paramount Plus plan. While there is the option to upgrade to the ‘without ads’ Premium tier, this will also increase the monthly price to $14.99 per month. Although still cheaper in general, the Premium Showtime bundle is more expensive that just an additional $1 each month.

Free Paramount Plus summary

There aren’t many ways to get Paramount+ for free, but there are some options depending on the individual’s situation. The easiest and most accessible way is to simply take advantage of a free trial, or just watch any of the totally free videos available at the time. Although the free trial limits the amount of time a home has access to the service, it is a good way to quickly catch up on the latest shows, movies and exclusives without having to pay for a monthly subscription.

For those that have already used the free trial, or in need of a longer subscription, Walmart offers a free Paramount Plus Essential plan with its Walmart+ subscription service. Likewise, eligible T-Mobile customers can also get a Paramount Plus Essential subscription for free for an entire year.

Otherwise, it might be worth considering bundling Paramount Plus with Showtime. If already a Showtime subscriber, Paramount+ can be added for as little as an additional $1 per month. While not exactly free, the Showtime-Paramount Plus bundle might be the best way if not eligible for any of the free options and wanting unlimited access to the Paramount Plus library.

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