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You Can Download On Paramount Plus, But Not On All Devices


Paramount Plus Downloads

Paramount Plus subscribers can download videos to watch offline or at a later time, if they have the right plan. Even with the right subscription, there are some additional limitations to be aware of including the devices downloads are available on, which videos can be downloaded, and how long videos remain available before being deleted.

A Paramount Plus subscription provides access to a number of popular networks, making it a good option for those looking for variety, without having to subscribe to multiple services. Like many streaming services, Paramount+ offers more than one subscription tier to accommodate the needs of different subscribers. This also means subscribers that pay more each month, typically get more in return.

Only Paramount Plus Premium subscribers can download videos to watch offline. The option to download is strictly reserved for those paying for the ad-free subscription. If currently subscribed to the $4.99 per month Essential plan, the subscriber will need to consider upgrading to the Premium plan if they want the option to download videos.

How to download on Paramount+

Downloading videos on Paramount Plus is fairly easy to do, but the feature is not automatically available on all supported devices. As downloads are designed for offline use, support is only extended to mobile devices, such as an iPhone and iPad, or Android phone and tablet. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad devices must be running a minimum of iOS 10, while Android phones and tablets will need to be running at least Android 5.

To download Paramount+ videos:

  1. Open the app
  2. Search for a show/movie
  3. Select the show/movie
  4. Click on the download icon (arrow pointing down)

If a movie, the download icon will be visible next to the ‘My List’ and ‘Notify’ icons (see image below). If it is a show, then a separate download icon will be located next to each individual episode (see image below). At present, Paramount Plus does not offer an option to download all episodes from a show or single series at once.

Paramount Plus download icon
Left: movie, Right: series

If a download icon is not visible on a show/movie page, then it is likely that the title is current unavailable to download. If using the Paramount+ website, a smart TV, or streaming player, then there won’t be an option to download videos at all. Once a video has been downloaded, it will be located in the “Downloads” section of the app. On most devices, the Downloads library can be found by clicking on the “More” button while on the app’s home screen.

Paramount+ download limitations

In addition to the plan and device type, there are some additional limitations to be aware of. For example, videos only remain downloaded for 30 days. Once the 30-day period comes to an end, Paramount Plus automatically deletes the video from the device requiring the user to download it again. It is also worth noting that once the user starts playing the video, the download will only remain available for 48 hours. This is irrespective of whether the entire video was watched or just a few minutes.

Another limitation is the number of downloads. Paramount Plus limits the number of videos that can be stored to 25. If attempting to download more than 25 videos, the user will be presented with a ‘download limit’ warning message. To download additional videos, the subscriber will need to either manually delete one of the existing downloads or wait for Paramount Plus to automatically delete one.

A more general limitation is that not all videos are automatically available to download. Generally speaking, the vast majority of shows, movies, and originals will be, but subscribers may occasionally run into a situation where they can’t download one. In fact, it is possible to filter the Paramount+ library to only show titles that are available by heading to the Downloads folder on a device and then tapping on “Browse Available Downloads”. However, all of the available titles will be listed together in alphabetical order, so this won’t be as efficient as simply searching for the title and checking if the download icon is there.

Paramount+ downloads summary

Paramount Plus videos can be downloaded, but only when subscribed to the Premium plan. In addition, downloads are only available on smartphones and tablets, and not on smart TVs or streaming players. If using a supported device, a download button will be visible on each video listing in the app. If the button is not visible, the device used does not support the feature, or the show/movie is currently unavailable to download.

Once downloaded, videos can be found and watched by accessing the Downloads folder in the app. Downloads only remain available on a device for 30 days and this is reduced to 48 hours once playback has started. When the time expires, the video will automatically be deleted from the device. In total, Paramount Plus only allows a maximum of 25 downloaded videos at any given time.

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2 responses to “You Can Download On Paramount Plus, But Not On All Devices”

  1. I paid for a year, mostly for Star Trek stuff. I don’t have internet at home(fixed income) so I rely on downloads when I get to Wi-Fi. #1 downloads will crash a lot!!! #2 there are MANY, MANY movies not available for download as a Premium customer. Mainly a very short list of very outdated stuff. I’ll stick with Netflix.

  2. Paramount app downloads are terrible. Worst experience of any streaming service I subscribe to.

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