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Paramount+: How Many Devices Can Stream at the Same Time


Paramount+ multiple devices streams

Paramount+ subscribers can watch on up to three devices at the same time. This is regardless of the device type and whether streaming at home or away from home. In fact, there are almost no limitations or restrictions to streaming Paramount+ on multiple devices, with the only point to be aware of being the difference in the number of profiles registered to an account compared to the simultaneous streams available.

Paramount+ is one of the newer streaming services to arrive. The service brings together shows and movies from the various brands owned by Paramount (formerly ViacomCBS), including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, and more. A subscription costs $5.99 per month, but there is also the option to go ad-free for $9.99 per month. With shows and movies from all of the Paramount Global brands together under one subscription, Paramount+ is likely to appeal to many different viewers, including in the same home.

However, without an adequate number of streams available, households may find they run into problems when too many people attempt to watch at the same time. Therefore, understanding how many simultaneous streams are available can help to make sure there are no disruptions when watching. This is particularly important in households where a single account is likely to be shared by multiple people.

Three devices just like CBS All Access

Although the service has transformed from CBS All Access, the number of simultaneous streams is one of the few areas that has not changed. Former CBS All Access subscribers should not notice any difference in the number of devices they can watch on at the same time. In this sense, nothing has actually changed.

For those who have signed up since CBS All Access became Paramount+, there is no difference in the number of simultaneous streams they are provided with compared to migrated CBS All Access subscribers. All subscribers can stream on up to three devices at the same time.

However, Paramount+ subscribers don’t have any option to upgrade the number of streams. As a result, three streams at the same time is the absolute maximum available. Households in need of more streams will need to consider a second Paramount+ subscription.

Three devices regardless of device

Paramount+ subscribers have access to three streams at the same time, regardless of the device. Some services not only place restrictions on the number of streams, but also on the type of devices that can stream at the same time. This is very often a problem with live TV streaming services, such as Hulu Live TV. However, there are no issues with Paramount+ and in spite of the service providing access to some live TV channels. Regardless of whether it is on a mobile device, streaming player, or a smart TV, subscribers can stream Paramount+ shows and movies on three devices without any issues.

Another common restriction that can affect subscribers is watching when away from home. Some services specifically place additional limits when accessing a service outside a home network. Once again, that’s not an issue here. Paramount+ subscribers can stream on up to three devices at the same time whether at home or outside the home network.

Where subscribers may run into an occasional issue is when streaming local live TV away from home. A Paramount+ subscription includes access to local CBS stations, as well as CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET. Although the national channels should not be affected when streaming away from home (as long as within the United States), subscribers may find their ability to access local CBS stations are determined by their current location.

Simultaneous streams, devices and profiles

Although Paramount+ permits streaming on up to three devices at the same time, the service can actually be watched on an unlimited number of devices. This is an important distinction, as the number of registered devices can sometimes impact on the simultaneous streams experience.

Regardless of the number of streams, some services limit how many devices can be registered to an account at the same time. However, Paramount+ does not place any of these limits on subscribers. Instead, they can access on as many different devices as they like, but only on three at the same time.

A final point to be aware of is profiles. While an unlimited number of devices can be registered to a single Paramount+ account, only six different profiles can be registered to one Paramount+ subscription. The overall three same-time streams applies to all six profiles and not each profile. Due to this, if more than three profiles are created, not all of them can watch Paramount+ at the same time.

Paramount+ simultaneous streams summary

Paramount+ allows subscribers to watch on up to three devices at the same time without any major limitations or restrictions. This simultaneous streams limit is irrespective of whether signed up to Paramount+ or migrated as a CBS All Access subscriber.

While some services place additional restrictions on the type of devices that can access extra streams, that’s not an issue with Paramount+. Subscribers can watch on any three devices at the same time, including smart TVs. This is also irrespective of whether watching at home or away from home.

The only real caveat to be aware of is the number of profiles available is greater than the number of simultaneous steams. As a result, there may be times when some profiles are unable to watch Paramount+.

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  1. All of a sudden I cannot stream on my bedroom tv. Why. Says paramount + restricts its content through Primr Video on this device

    1. I am getting the same message on my tv. Who do we contact

      1. I’m having the same issue months after you guys have had the issue I called Paramount plus they gave me directions on how to do everything do everything to get logged in on my 2nd T can’t TV still didn’t work they they didn’t have an answer why it didn’t work I work I called Amazon prime They walked me through everything that should have worked and then referred me to Paramount plus I do believe neither party knows what they’re doing

  2. I was being charged $ 24.99 for my membership, it came from easy living when I called my bank

  3. Should be able to stream as many TVs as you want

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