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Paramount Plus On Android TV: Supported Devices And Models


Paramount Plus devices

Paramount Plus is available to download and watch on a variety of smart TVs and streaming players, but not all Android TV devices are supported. With Android TV, now also known as Google TV, checking support can be somewhat harder due to the sheer number of brands, devices, and models running on the operating system. However, if using one of the more mainstream Android TV streaming players or smart TVs, there shouldn’t be any major issues with accessing Paramount Plus.

Paramount+ is only one of many streaming services currently available. Like many others, Paramount Plus typically requires an app to be downloaded, although the Paramount+ website can also be used to access the service when needed. As an app is generally required, it is advisable to check device support before signing up to a service like Paramount Plus. Otherwise, the consumer runs the risk of paying for a streaming service that they can’t actually watch.

The Paramount Plus app can be downloaded on a number of Android TV devices, but compatibility might be limited to newer models for some devices. The Paramount+ app is available to download directly from Google Play and does indicate that it requires the device to be running a minimum of Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Considering the very first Android TV version was based on Android 5.0, this should not really affect users. If running an older version of Android on a streaming device, then it is unlikely to be an official version of Android TV. In this case, consumers might run into issues when trying to install and watch Paramount+.

Officially, Paramount Plus is available to download on the following Android TV devices:

  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • Hisense TVs
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Sony Bravia TVs
  • TCL 3-Series TVs
  • Xiaomi devices (select models)

Before attempting to install Paramount+, it might be worth checking to see if any system updates are available and installing them. This can help to reduce the likelihood of any problems with the app surfacing. The exact way to update a particular Android TV device will depend on the make and model, although the option is commonly found under the “About” section of the settings menu.

Not all Android TV devices are supported

As the list above highlights, not all Android TV devices are currently compatible with Paramount Plus. The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the most popular Android TV devices around and consumers using one of these standalone players shouldn’t have any issues in downloading the app, even on the first-generation player. Technically, Nvidia Shield TV devices now run on Google TV similar to the Chromecast with Google TV – which is also compatible with Paramount+. When it comes to Xiaomi devices, this will mostly apply to the company’s Mi Box streaming player. Users of a Mi Box also shouldn’t encountered any major issues with downloading the Android app, but older Mi Box models might not be supported.

At the smart TV level, only Sony, Hisense and TCL TVs are listed as officially supported. What’s more, not all models are compatible either. When it comes to Sony Bravia TVs, Paramount Plus lists support for all models dating back to 2015. As Sony’s first Android TV-powered smart TVs were released in 2015, this should mean all Sony Bravia users are able to install the app on their smart TV. The same should also be the case with all Hisense smart TVs powered by Android TV. With TCL, however, things are a little more complicated. Officially, Paramount Plus lists TCL support only for the 32S330 model. For reference, this is a TCL 3-Series smart TV, and the 32 at the front of the model number is specific to the 32-inch version. It would be presumed that this is a typo and that app support does extend to all S330 series TVs powered by Android TV. Still, if a TCL 3-Series TV owner runs into problems installing the app, it could be the case that the model isn’t supported.

For anyone using a different Android TV-powered smart TV or streaming player, it looks like support for Paramount Plus is currently unavailable. Whether that changes in the future remains to be seen, although older devices, and especially those running an Android TV version that’s no longer actively supported, are unlikely to gain support for Paramount Plus anytime soon. In these situations, it may be worth considering using one of the other supported devices to access the streaming service.

Paramount Plus on Android TV summary

The Paramount Android TV app is available to download on a variety of smart TVs and streaming players powered by Android TV. Naturally, Google’s own Chromecast with Google TV is supported, and owners of an Nvidia Shield TV player should not encounter any major issues with installing the app. The same is also true for Xiaomi Mi Box owners, although it might be the case that older Mi Box models are not officially supported. Paramount Plus Android TV app support also extends to Sony Bravia, Hisense and TCL 3-Series smart TVs, and owners of any of these TVs shouldn’t run into any problems when attempting to download the app and watch Paramount Plus.

Even if a device is listed as supported, there can be a variety of reasons why the Paramount+ app isn’t working as well as expected. If encountering an issue, and providing the operating system has been updated to the latest available version of Android TV (and the app is also the most recently released version), Paramount Plus users might find they get a more reliable experience using an alternate device, Android TV or otherwise.

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