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You Can Now Buy the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Remote Separately for $29.99


new Shield remote

The new NVIDIA SHIELD TV Remote is now available to buy. The latest version of the remote boasts many improvements compared to the preview version making it a good upgrade for both owners of the new SHIELD TV, as well as owners of previous SHIELD TV models.

NVIDIA released the latest version of the SHIELD TV back in October along with a brand new remote control. At the time, NVIDIA confirmed the new remote would be available to buy as a separate purchase although a release date was not specified. The remote’s release was then delayed until 2020 with no reason given as to why.

The SHIELD Remote is now available to buy directly from the NVIDIA store for $29.99 with free shipping. The remote includes motion-activated, backlit buttons, a built-in lost remote locator, an IR blaster, Bluetooth, and a mic for voice search and control. This is in addition to a new triangular design. Now that NVIDIA has opened up sales for the remote, it is also expected to become available through other retailers including Amazon and Best Buy soon.

Remote not just for the new SHIELD TV

One of the benefits with the new remote is that it is not just for the new SHIELD TV. When the new SHIELD TV was first released, NVIDIA confirmed the remote also works with older versions of the SHIELD TV as well. Which is why the SHIELD Remote becoming available as a standalone purchase matters so much. Owners of either the 2015 or 2017 SHIELD TV models will benefit from an improved SHIELD experience without having to upgrade the entire Android TV device.

If the previous SHIELD Remote is still the main method used for controlling the SHIELD TV experience, then owners of older SHIELD models will note a number of marked improvements. Besides the motion-activated, backit button, another major improvement compared to the previous version are the dedicated volume up and down buttons. On the previous SHIELD Remote, volume was controlled by a slider which often proved temperamental. The all-new design with dedicated volume buttons makes it easier to control the volume, as well as playback in general.

In addition, while the older SHIELD TV models do not come with the same dedicated button to activate the lost remote feature as the new SHIELD TV, NVIDIA’s SHIELD Android TV companion app comes with the same feature. Therefore, if the new remote is coupled with the companion app, the lost remote feature will also be accessible to owners of an older SHIELD TV model.

Source: NVIDIA

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