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New YouTube TV Subscribers Can Save $170 On NFL Sunday Ticket — And Still Save $45 On Their First 3 Months


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New YouTube TV subscribers can currently save $170 on the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket when bundling the football package with their live TV plan. This NFL deal is being offered in addition to YouTube TV’s current promotion, taking the savings up to as high as $215.

Last month, YouTube TV started running a promotion which discounts the cost of its base live TV package down to $57.99 a month for the first three months, resulting in a total saving of $45 over those initial months.

Those signing up to that deal can now also add NFL Sunday Ticket at a heavily discounted price. Normally $349 for the year, the current NFL Sunday Ticket deal reduces the cost down to just $179 for the year, or $44.75 a month if paying over four months. These costs are on top of the cost of the base package which, as mentioned, is still available for $57.99 a month for the first three months.

The ability to bundle both YouTube TV and NFL Sunday Ticket at these lower prices is available via the YouTube TV website through May 16, 2024.

While a massive discount on the usual cost, it is worth keeping in mind that the YouTube TV base package needs to remain active throughout the football season to maintain access to NFL Sunday Ticket. This is especially important considering the base package will automatically revert to its usual cost (currently $72.99 a month) after the third discounted month.

If unsure whether you’ll remain subscribed to the base live TV plan for the entire season, it might be worth considering subscribing to NFL Sunday Ticket through the standard YouTube service instead. Right now, YouTube is offering a $100 discount on the standalone NFL Sunday Ticket subscription, bringing the cost down to $349 a year, or $87.25 over four months.

While the discount isn’t anywhere near as good, this option doesn’t require a subscription to YouTube TV, making it the cheapest way to access NFL Sunday Ticket throughout the season.

As for existing YouTube TV subscribers who are also former NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers, you may want to keep an eye on your inbox as YouTube appears to be sending out emails offering a $100 discount on a Sunday Ticket subscription.

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