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New LiveTVx App Causing Issues On Android TV And Google TV, And Google Is Aware



As Streaming Better reported last month, a new LiveTVx app has started rolling out on select Android TV and Google TV devices. However, it would appear that the rollout hasn’t gone exactly to plan, with the app causing issues for some users.

As a reminder, the new LiveTVx app is a new way for Android TV and Google TV users to access live TV. One of the big selling points is that the app uses AI to “curate and prioritize channels” based on the user’s viewers habits. For example, the app has the ability to dynamically reorder the live guide to prioritize the channels a user is most likely to watch.

LiveTVx App On Google TV showing the live guide.
LiveTVx app Live Guide (Image: Google Play Store)

According to a new Google support help post, some users are experiencing issues with the app. While those issues are not detailed, a previous post suggests the introduction of the app is breaking the live TV experience. In a separate post on Reddit, another user explains the automatic installation of the app on a Philips TV resulted in them losing access to their OTA channels.

Making the problem worse, as the app is basically a preinstalled app, it isn’t as easy to uninstall or disable as it would be with an app downloaded from the Google Play Store. Speaking of which, while the Play Store app listing only has nine reviews so far, the review total is a straight one out of five, further suggesting other users haven’t been massively impressed with the experience either.

LiveTVx app stre listing on Google Play Store showing 1 star review total.
LiveTVx 1-star review total on Google Play Store

For those encountering problems with the LiveTVx app, the new help post confirms Google is currently working with the app developer to resolve the issues. In the meantime, the suggested troubleshooting steps include clearing the LiveTVx app cache, performing a channel scan, and factory resetting the device.

We would caution against the last suggestion and only using it as a very last resort. Considering a factory reset erases all of the data on the device, users will need to reinstall and sign back in to all of their apps.

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