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New Disney Plus App With 4K HDR Arrives On PlayStation 5


Disney Plus on PlayStation 5

The Disney Plus streaming experience on a PlayStation 5 is now about to get a lot better thanks to the launch, or relaunch depending on perspective, of a dedicated PS5 app. Sony’s latest game console has the power to handle most streaming services with ease, and yet many streaming services haven’t actually taken advantage of that power. Up until now, Disney Plus was one of those services.

Disney Plus was already technically available on PlayStation 5 but only through the PlayStation 4 version of the app. That’s what has now changed with Disney having released a version that’s not only better suited to the PS5, but pretty much designed for the console.

The relaunched Disney Plus app is available to download on the PlayStation 5 starting from today. Users can download the app by navigating to All Apps and then clicking on Disney+ in the Featured row (or by manually searching for the app) and then clicking on the Download button. In a press release, Disney explained that the relaunch of the app is part of the service’s “to meet consumers wherever they are” expansion strategy. Disney also added that the streaming experience in general should be much improved thanks to the ability for PS5 users to now watch Disney Plus in 4K HDR.

As mentioned, Disney Plus is already available to download on the PlayStation 4 and on Xbox game consoles as well. This is also in addition to a number of other popular platforms including Apple TV, iOS, Android, Fire TV and Roku. On the TV side of things, Disney Plus can also be accessed on Android TV, Hisense, LG, Samsung, and Vizio smart TVs.

For those new to Disney Plus, and/or as a reminder to others, the cost of a standard, ad-free subscription is set to increase to $10.99 per month in early December. At the same time, Disney will also launch a new ad-supported plan priced at $7.99 per month – the current price of the ad-free version.

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