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New Advergames And Shoppable Ads Arrive On Disney+, Hulu And ESPN


Disney Advergaming Example showing a golf-themed game on a TV.

Disney+, Hulu and ESPN subscribers can expect to begin seeing new ad formats, thanks to the rolling out of new advergaming and shoppable CTV ads by Disney. However, not all services are getting the exact same new ad formats.

Hulu and ESPN are getting two custom advergaming solutions, both of which are powered by BrightLine, a company that is increasingly working with streaming services to deploy new ad formats.

The first of these advergames is Quiz Show, a trivia-based game where subscribers can use their remote control to answer questions. The second is Beat the Clock, which Disney describes as “a fun, fast-paced challenge.” The first example of Beat the Clock launched in June in partnership with Topgolf.

When it comes to Disney+, as well as Disney properties and marketplaces in general, a new range of CTV shoppable formats have already rolled out in partnership with KERV. As the name suggests, these shoppable ads make it easier for viewers to shop products through the use of dynamic QR codes, custom graphics and/or individual product carousels. Examples of these shoppable ad formats are Sync, L-Bar and Impulse.

Of these three, the Impulse ad format appears to be the newest, and is currently being used in partnership with Target and Nespresso.

Disney Target Shoppable Ad Example
Target Impulse shoppable ad example

While it remains to be seen whether these new ad formats will be well-received by users, Disney does argue that they are designed to benefit users as well. Advergames, for example, are said to provide users with “a more engaging commercial break.

Disney is not the only company to be currently investing more in interactive ads, with Amazon, Allen Media Group, Fubo and Google all also recently expanding their use of new ad types and formats.

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