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New Ads Are Coming To Fubo, Including Interactive Ads And Pause Ads


Fubo Roku app displaying sports section

Fubo has confirmed that four new ad units are becoming available to advertisers. The new ad units were announced at 2024 IAB NewFronts, and include Enhanced Banner Ads, Interactive Ads, Pause Ads, and Marquee content sponsorships.

Of the four new ad types, the proprietary Marquee concept appears to be the most compelling from the advertiser perspective. Essentially, these sponsorships add “highly visible content carousels” to the Home screen, which can include themed backgrounds, custom titles, and other enhancements.

Interactive and Pause Ads are fairly self-explanatory and are ad types that many viewers are likely to have already encountered with other services. Pause Ads, in particular, have become far more common across streaming services in recent years.

Here’s how Fubo describes all four new ad units:

  • The Marquee: A proprietary concept, Fubo is unveiling Marquee content sponsorships, enabling advertisers to curate highly visible content carousels located on Fubo’s home screen. The fully customizable activation incorporates branded and themed backgrounds, custom titles, subheads, logo placements and content with the goal of creating an immersive brand experience.
  • Interactive Ads: Among the new ad units are interactive ads, designed to not only increase audience awareness, but also drive conversion. Video ad units and select content are enhanced with calls to action that audiences can interact with directly using their remote control.
  • Pause Ads: Fubo will be launching pause ads, which appear a few seconds after a viewer presses pause during the content stream. When the user resumes the stream, the pause ad disappears. The pause ads can be outfitted with a QR code for additional engagement opportunities.
  • Enhanced Banner Ads: The company is leveling up its targeting capabilities across its classic banner ads to give advertisers even more precision in reaching their desired audiences.

While Fubo hasn’t specified exactly when subscribers can expect to see these new ads show up, it seems likely they will begin to appear sooner than later, and especially considering the company confirmed all of the new ad types are now available to advertisers.

Yesterday, Fubo announced that all of the Warner Bros. Discovery networks carried by the live TV service have been dropped. The channels were removed after the two companies failed to renew their existing content agreement.

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