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Netflix Premium Just Got A Price Increase And Now Costs $23 a Month


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Netflix has confirmed the price of the Premium plan is increasing to $22.99 a month in the US. The increase in the cost of the Premium plan not only affects subscribers in the United States, but also subscribers in the UK and France as well.

Netflix’s Premium plan is the most expensive tier in general. Not only does it unlock access to 4K content, but it also adds spatial audio support, increases the number of devices that can access the service at the same time, and increases the number of extra members that can be added to a Netflix Household.

Along with increasing the price of the Premium plan to $22.99 a month in the US, the cost is increasing to £17.99 a month in the UK and €19.99 a month in France. In all three locations, the Standard with ads and Standard plans are not seeing any change to their pricing.

Netflix has also confirmed its Basic plan is increasing in price as well. Earlier this year, Netflix suddenly discontinued this plan, increasing the cost of its cheapest ad-free tier to $15.49 a month in the US. However, those already signed up to Basic were able to keep their plan. Starting today, the cost of Basic has increased to $11.99 a month, an increase of $2 a month.

Following these changes, here is the most up to date pricing for Netflix’s plans in the US:

NetflixPrice p/m
Standard with ads$6.99
Basic (Grandfathered)$11.99

In spite of the price increase to the Premium and Basic plans, Netflix highlighted that its starting price “is extremely competitive with other streamers.” Netflix also added that, in the US, the $6.99 a month tier is “much less than the average price of a single movie ticket.”

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