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What’s Hot on Netflix: Top 10 Movies and Shows Lists Now Available


Netflix top 10s

Netflix is now highlighting top 10 movies and shows, as well as an overall top 10 list. The feature is designed to make it easier to see what’s trending on the service, although the results do vary based on location.

Netflix is full of content and while that has started to include a shift more towards its own “Originals,” there’s still plenty of third-party titles available via the subscription service. Now, regardless of where the show or movie originates from, Netflix will let users know what the most popular shows and movies are on the subscription service.

In a blog posting, Netflix explained it has been trialing the new top 10s in both Mexico and the UK over the last few months and that the testing had proved popular with users. As a result, the streaming service was now rolling out the feature to everyone. However, these top 10s are based on the country and therefore users in different parts of the world are likely to see different rankings. Besides the overall to 10 visible on the Netflix home screen, similar top 10s will also be visible on the series and movie pages as well.

The feature has already gone live and therefore should be available the next time a subscriber opens the app or heads to the website.

Netflix hoping popularity draws in more viewers

On the surface, this appears to be another way Netflix can add further transparency to subscribers. This is often something the subscription service has come under criticism for, and Netflix has been making some changes lately to provide more insight into its operations. For example, it recently started declaring when it was previously forced to comply with international government requests to remove content from its lineup in certain countries.

Besides being more transparent, there is also a clear advantage to Netflix. Highlighting trending content is something many services have started to do recently as it acts as a good motivator for users to check out more content. As an example, videos that appear in the top 10 will also now come with a badge denoting their special status when simply navigating the interface.

Netflix top 10 badge
Netflix’s new Top 10 badge

Netflix has also confirmed these lists will be automatically updated every day which seems like a good way to make sure subscribers are acutely aware of what’s new on the service – especially considering many of the top 10s are likely to be populated by its own original shows and movies.

Something that’s only going to become even more apparent as Netflix continues to focus on its own content while existing deals with third-party companies continue to diminish.

Source: Netflix

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