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NBA League Pass On YouTube TV: How Much It Costs And What You Get


YouTube TV NBA League Pass

The cost of NBA League Pass on YouTube TV depends on whether signing up on a monthly basis or for the full season pass. Regardless of which subscription option a subscriber decides to go with, they do get access to the same experience, out-of-market games, and are bound by the same limitations.

YouTube TV offers access to a wide selection of live TV channels with its base plan starting at $64.99 per month. On top of this, subscribers can add various premium channels and networks to their base package at an additional cost per month. This includes NBA League Pass.

The cost of NBA League passes through YouTube TV is currently $14.99 per month. If added to the base plan, the subscriber can expect to pay a total of $79.98 per month for both. However, it is worth noting that YouTube TV does also allow consumers to sign up to select premium networks without a base plan, and this includes NBA League Pass. As a result, it is possible to sign up to NBA League Pass through YouTube TV for just $14.99 per month. Irrespective of whether signing up with or without a base plan, NBA League Pass on YouTube TV does come with a 7-day free trial.

NBA League season pass cost

It is also possible to sign up to NBA League Pass through YouTube TV with a full season pass. The price of the season pass is $99.99 per year, making it significantly cheaper than paying the monthly rate over 12 months. Although the NBA season doesn’t run all year, the monthly subscription renews each month throughout the year unless canceled once the season ends.

In contrast, the season pass is a one-and-done situation as it doesn’t automatically renew like a monthly subscription. This does also mean that subscribers will continually have to manually purchase an NBA League season pass each year. The downside, however, is that the full $99.99 needs to be paid up front and is non-refundable.

Whether it is ultimately better to sign up with or without a base plan, or on a monthly or season basis, will depend on the needs of the home. For example, the base plan does include access to an unlimited cloud DVR which also applies to any premium networks added to the base package, including NBA League Pass.

What you get with NBA League Pass

Regardless of whether signing up on a monthly or season basis, subscribers get access to all out-of-market regular NBA games for every team during the entire season. However, the NBA League Pass subscription does not include access to NBA Playoffs and Finals games. For homes specifically looking for access to these additional games, a live TV subscription will be required.

Likewise, as NBA League Pass only unlocks access to out-of-market games, in-market homes will need to subscribe to a live TV service that offers access to national channels including TNT and ESPN. In some cases, NBA League Pass subscribers may also find that some games are unavailable with NBA League Pass, such as those that are being televised nationally or those that have been blocked due to blackout restrictions. In these situations, blacked-out games usually become available at some point after the game has concluded and once they have been moved to the NBA League Pass archives for on-demand viewing.

In addition to watching all of the out-of-market games during the regular season, NBA League pass also makes it possible for viewers to choose whether they listen to the home or away commentary for each game.

NBA League Pass on YouTube TV: summary

YouTube TV can be a good option for accessing NBA League Pass. The standard monthly subscription costs $14.99 and can be subscribed to with or without a YouTube TV base plan. Alternatively, it is also possible to sign up to NBA League Pass through YouTube TV on a season basis with the season pass priced at $99.99 per year. Similar to the monthly subscription, the season pass is available through YouTube TV with or without a base live TV package.

For reference, these prices are not any different to what the NBA charges directly, so it is not necessarily any cheaper or better to sign up through YouTube TV. If opting to sign up through the NBA website, subscribers will pay the same $14.99 per month rate (or $99.99 per year) and get access to the same 7-day free trial. In fact, the NBA also offers a League Pass Premium subscription tier for $19.99 (or $149.99 per year) which makes it possible to stream commercial-free games on two devices at the same time.

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3 responses to “NBA League Pass On YouTube TV: How Much It Costs And What You Get”

  1. How are the channels added? Are they additional channels in the Live section? I initially signed up for LP on Roku but since I was not quite live, the game ended and the feed dropped on me. I quickly canceled the Trial and now am looking to add LP on YTTV where I can record the games and watch at my leisure. Comments??

  2. I have a regular YouTube tv subscription and I purchased the NBA league pass assuming that it would be the same as the nba league pass that I had 2 years ago with Directv but man I was very disappointed that the Dallas Mavericks telecast against the Nets was an embarrassment
    I had family over to watch the game on my tv 98 % of the telecast was as expected but then I got a notice that the game was blocked in my area I thought it must be a mistake so I tried several things first I reset my TVs settings- didn’t work I tried seeing it on my iPhone and worked a couple is minutes then I got the same message as my tv so I tried to watch the game on my tablet and it worked for a couple I’m minutes before I also got the same blocked in my area notic
    I was saddened that Youtube Tv let this happen

    1. Thanks David for your comment. I was going to get the NBA league through You Tube tv and drop Direct tv but will keep my Direct tv for now

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