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NBA League Pass On DirecTV Stream: How Much It Costs And Signing Up


NBA League Pass on DirecTV Stream

NBA League Pass is available on DirecTV Stream, but adding it to one of the live TV plans might not be the best option for all homes. It is possible to sign up for an NBA League Pass subscription cheaper elsewhere, and even if already subscribed to one of DirecTV Stream’s plans.

DirecTV Stream can be a good option for those looking for a robust live TV streaming service. With four plans to choose from, homes can find one that best suits their live TV needs. However, with the cheapest plan priced at $74.99 per month, the cost of DirecTV Stream can escalate quickly, and especially when also adding premium services.

The cost of NBA League Pass through DirecTV Stream is currently $19.99 per month. If added to the cheapest Entertainment plan, the subscriber can expect to pay a minimum of $94.98 per month, with the exact total dependent on any other added services. If opting for any of the more expensive plans, for example, Choice to get access to RSNs, then the price of the subscription with NBA League Pass will be much higher. If opting for the most expensive Premier plan, subscribers will be looking at a minimum of $174.98 per month after adding NBA League Pass.

One of the main caveats to be aware of before adding NBA League Pass is that DirecTV Stream only offers League Pass Premium, which is the more expensive option. For those signing up through another service, like YouTube TV, or even directly through the NBA website, there is the option to subscribe to the standard League Pass subscription at $14.99 per month. If opting for an annual plan, it is possible to sign up for a subscription from as little as $99.99 for the year.

All of which makes DirecTV Stream an expensive option for NBA League Pass. That said, the NBA League pass Premium subscription through DirecTV Stream does offer more than the standard $14.99 per month experience.

The main differences between League Pass and League Pass Premium is that the latter offers a commercial-free viewing experience and the ability to watch games on two devices at the same time. If these benefits are of additional value then it makes sense to add NBA League Pass to DirecTV Stream, and benefit from the integration of the channel.

However, if continuous in-arena coverage (instead of ads) and the ability to watch on more than one device is not of interest, it is likely to be cheaper to sign up to NBA League Pass directly.

Adding NBA League Pass to DirecTV Stream

Actually adding NBA League Pass to a DirecTV Stream plan is easy enough and can be done when signing up to the service for the first time. After visiting the DirecTV Stream website and clicking on the “Start your free trial” button beneath a plan, the user can make some minor adjustments before completing the signup.

For example, scrolling down and clicking on Yes underneath “Want to add premium networks, sports, or international?” will display additional add-ons and premium networks that are available.

The user can then click on the Sports tab followed by the NBA League Pass Premium option to add the channel to the in-cart package.

add NBA League Pass to DirecTV Stream
Adding NBA League Pass to DirecTV Stream

Existing DirecTV Stream subscribers can make changes to their account, including adding NBA League Pass, by navigating to their account overview page, clicking on Manage Subscription, adding the premium channel, clicking on Review Changes, and then on Submit to confirm the change.

Regardless of whether adding to a fresh or existing subscription, subscribers get access to the same experience in general, including the ability to watch live out-of-market NBA games.

NBA League Pass on DirecTV Stream: summary

DirecTV Stream subscribers can easily add NBA League Pass to their existing live TV package and benefit from an integrated experience. However, DirecTV Stream subscribers can only add League Pass Premium to their plan. At $19.99 per month on top of the cost of DirecTV Stream, this is a more expensive solution than signing up to NBA League Pass directly.

If currently not signed up to a live TV service, it might make more sense to consider getting NBA League Pass elsewhere. DirecTV Stream’s plans are expensive compared to other services, and with only the option of adding the most expensive NBA League Pass tier, there are cheaper options available.

If the money is less of an issue, DirecTV Stream’s $99.99 per month Choice plan unlocks access to RSNs, resulting in a pretty sports-friendly TV package when coupled with NBA League Pass Premium.

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