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National Geographic Premium Is For Fans Of Nat Geo And Disney+


Nat Geo Premium with Disney+

National Geographic Premium with Disney+ is a new subscription option which provides access to National Geographic content and Disney+. While Disney+ can already be subscribed to on its own, this plan makes it possible to greatly increase the amount of Nat Geo content. In fact, the subscription even includes some real-world benefits as well.

Disney+ launched in late 2019 and was originally priced at $6.99 per month. It has since encountered a price increase, however, with the current subscription cost priced at $7.99 per month, or $79.99 when signing up to the annual plan. Disney+ not only provides access to Disney content, but also videos from popular franchises including Star Wars. A subscription does also include some National Geographic videos as well.

Now, National Geographic has launched a dedicated ‘National Geographic Premium with Disney+’ subscription package for those that want greater access to Nat Geo content. According to the website, the new subscription costs $10.99 per month and provides access to Disney+ as well. Essentially, the National Geographic Premium side of the subscription costs $3 on top of the standard monthly cost of a Disney+ plan. There is also the option to sign up for an entire year at $109, or pay $190 for a two-year subscription.

The National Geographic Premium with Disney+ package is designed to be more than just a subscription that unlocks videos that can be streamed over the internet. Instead, it brings together multiple different Nat Geo access points in one package. For example, the subscription also includes access to and the Nat Geo app, making it possible to read daily articles, access the full archive of National Geographic issues, and gain access to subscriber-only exclusive events and discounts. The subscription even includes 10 print issues of the National Geographic magazine each year which are delivered to the subscriber’s home.

According to the announcement, the new National Geographic Premium with Disney+ plan includes the following benefits:

  • Disney+, including documentaries and shows from National Geographic only on Disney+
  • Exclusive content and access to, Nat Geo app, and full online archive
  • Curated weekly subscriber newsletter featuring National Geographic’s best stories
  • Annual subscribers will get 10 print issues of the National Geographic magazine per calendar year
  • NGKids publishes monthly, except the combined June/July and Dec/Jan issues
  • Special subscriber price for additional print subs (History, Nat Geo Kids, & Nat Geo Little Kids)
  • Special annual issue of the National Geographic magazine “Year In Pictures” issue (if subscribed in December, or if issue is unavailable, an item of greater or equal value)
  • Plus subscriber-only benefits such as exclusive events and discounts

Overall, this is a subscription that’s specifically designed to bring together the streaming, digital and print versions of Nat Geo. Considering the price does also include access to Disney+, the additional $3 results in a lot of additional value for fans of National Geographic in general.

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