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Movies Anywhere Now Available On Xbox One, Series X & S


Movies Anywhere Xbox

The Movies Anywhere app is now available on Xbox One, Series S and Series X game consoles. While the service was already available to download on a number of different platforms and devices, the latest Microsoft support provides users with another way to access their collection of movies and show episodes on their preferred devices

Movies Anywhere can be a useful service and especially for those that tend to purchase digital copies of movies and shows. Essentially, the service acts as a bridge to allow purchases from different digital stores to be accessed through the same single app. With support for Apple TV, Prime Video, and Google Play among others, it is a good way to bring purchased collections from different apps together through one service.

Along with the support for Microsoft Movies & TV, the service now also supports Xbox Series X and Series S consoles as well as the Xbox One, with the app available to download from the Microsoft Store. As a result, owners of any of these game consoles can now install the Movies Anywhere app on their game console and access all of their digital catalog without the need for any additional devices.

The addition of support for Xbox consoles adds one more way for existing users to access their stored content and provides those not using the service with another reason to give Movies Anywhere a try. In 2020, the service also expanded to include Vizio SmartCast TV support. In the same year, the service was also updated at the provider level with DirecTV added as a new option. In 2021, the device support was further expanded to include Samsung smart TVs.

For those now planning on giving the service a try, they will need to create a free account to get started. Once an account has been set up, the user will then need to link it to the digital stores they want to combine. For example, if wanting to bring together Google Play, Prime Video and Vudu purchases, the account will need to be linked with each of these services separately. Once all accounts have been linked, Xbox One, Series S and Series X users will be able to access a combined catalog of titles through the one single Movies Anywhere app.

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