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DirecTV Becomes the Latest Movies Anywhere Digital Retailer


Movies Anywhere DirecTV

DirecTV has now been added to the Movies Anywhere platform, offering users an additional way to add and access their private movie collections. With the change, DirecTV subscribers will be able to access their Movies Anywhere purchases through DirecTV, in addition to the other supported digital outlets and retailers.

Movies Anywhere is a great solution for those consumers who often purchase movies from different online retailers. So long as the movie in question is a Movies Anywhere title, then once that retailer is linked to a Movies Anywhere account, the consumer is able to access the movie via any of the supported retailer apps or websites.

Movies Anywhere confirmed in a press release that DirecTV has now been added to the platform as another retailer option. As a result DirecTV subscribers can now link their account with Movies Anywhere and enjoy access to their digital locker contents directly through DirecTV. Back in June, Vizio SmartCast TVs became the latest to gain access to the Movies Anywhere ecosystem with the dedicated app going live on the SmartCast platform.

To celebrate the latest addition, new and existing Movies Anywhere users can gain a complimentary movie if they link any compatible service, DirecTV or any other, for the first time. The free movie promotion is available until September 9, 2020, and consumers have the option to choose between Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Smallfoot, The Meg, The Matrix and Crazy Rich Asians.

Another Movies Anywhere retailer to choose from

Movies Anywhere acts as a hub for a variety of different digital retailers. Besides, DirecTV, Movies Anywhere users can also link their Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play Microsoft Movies & TV, Xfinity, Fandango Now, or Verizon accounts and have all the eligible movies made available through any of the apps operated by any of the other link accounts. As an example, videos purchased through Prime Video become accessible through Google Play and vice versa, once the two retailers are both linked to Movies Anywhere.

Whether a DirecTV subscriber or not, connecting services to Movies Anywhere is fairly easy to do. Once a Movies Anywhere account has been created, the ‘Manage Retailer’ section can be used to link any of the different retailers, including DirecTV.

Source: Movies Anywhere

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