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MotorTrend+ Is Shutting Down And Its Programming Is Moving To Max and Discovery+


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The MotorTrend+ app and subscription service is shutting down. Ahead of that closure, 1,000 hours of MotorTrend’s programming is being moved to Max and Discovery+. This migration of content is taking effect today so existing Max and Discovery+ subscribers will find they have gained access to the additional content from today.

While 1,000 hours doesn’t represent the totality of the MotorTrend+ catalog, additional content will continue to be added to Max and Discovery+ through the end of March. The end of March is also now when the MotorTrend+ app and subscription service is expected to fully close down.

In terms of existing MotorTrend+ subscribers, the plan is to now migrate “the majority” of them over to Discovery+. They will gain access to the ad-free plan, which typically costs $8.99 a month. Even though this is more than the cost of a MotorTrend+ subscription, Warner Bros. Discovery says existing MotorTrend+ subscribers won’t see any increase in the price they pay each month. This is also while gaining access to the full Discovery+ library, which includes content from the Discovery family of brands, including Food Network, HGTV, ID, OWN and TLC, among others.

Existing MotorTrend+ subscribers can expect to receive email instructions on how to access Discovery+ in due course.

The announcement doesn’t explain the reason for closing down the subscription service, but this would appear to be a cost-cutting measure.

According to Warner Bros. Discovery, other MotorTrend content, such as news, reviews, and shopping tools, will continue to be available through its mobile apps and websites.

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1 response to “MotorTrend+ Is Shutting Down And Its Programming Is Moving To Max and Discovery+”

  1. The way the MT and MT+ transitions have been handled is absolutely shameful.

    I’ve been a MotorTrend subscriber (printed and digital magazine) for well over 10 years and last fall they had me renew for three more years, only to tell me (just one month later) that they will stop the monthly magazine and move to one edition every three months.

    But I shouldn’t worry, because I will receive in exchange a free one-year subscription to MT+… which has also been shut down after only two months of my account being activated!

    And of course, they won’t be migrating my subscription to Discovery+, as they promised on a note that went around last month.

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