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Max’s B/R Sports Add-On To Remain Free For A Few More Months


BR Sports Add-On in the Max app

Max‘s B/R Sports Add-On will remain free to subscribers for a few more months. Max officially launched the premium add-on in October, unlocking access to a variety of live sports events and related content.

At the time, Max confirmed that the B/R Sports Add-On would cost an additional $9.99 a month on top of the cost of a Max subscription. As part of the launch, however, Max confirmed it would provide access to the add-on for free to subscribers through February 2024.

With that deadline approaching, Max has now decided to extend access to the add-on as a free benefit for another few months. According to a statement provided to Deadline, the decision was made to allow the company to “finalize some tech integrations” and “ensure a more seamless customer experience with our platform partners.”

While it would seem that the decision was made for the benefit of Max and its partners, it is clearly still a win for subscribers. It was understood Max originally intended to begin charging for the add-on in time for March Madness. Following this extension, however, subscribers will now be able to watch March Madness without having to pay anything more each month.

Not to mention, any and all of the rest of the live sports that will be made available through the add-on over the next few months.

As a reminder, the B/R Sports Add-On is currently available for free to all Max subscribers, and regardless of whether an existing or new subscriber. In other words, even if signing up to the cheapest ad-supported plan, subscribers still get access to the additional sports content during this free period.

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