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Max Is Increasing In Price — Here Are The New Monthly And Annual Prices


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Update: As anticipated, the price increase is now live for new subscribers signing up via the Max website. The cost of the Ad-Free plan has risen to 16.99/month while Ultimate Ad-Free has increased to $20.99/month.

Original article: Streaming Better can confirm that existing ad-free Max subscribers will see the cost of their subscription increase in price next month. While we are unsure of when the price increase will affect new subscribers, that could happen as early as today.

For starters, the cheapest With Ads plan is unaffected by this latest price increase. For ad-free subscribers, both ad-free plans will increase by $1 on July 4, 2024. At which point, the cost of the standard Ad-Free plan will increase to 16.99/month and the cost of the Ultimate Ad-Free plan will increase to $20.99/month.

Along with the monthly price increases, both ad-free annual plans will also increase in price. The Ad-Free annual plan will increase to $169.99/year and the Ultimate Ad-Free plan will increase to $209.99/year.

Considering the standard Ad-Free annual plan was excluded from last year’s price increase, subscribers to this plan are effectively being hit with two increases this time, as their annual plan price is increasing by $20 a year.

Here’s a recap of the changes:

PlanOld PriceNew PriceIncrease
With Ads$9.99/mo
No Change
Ultimate Ad-Free$19.99/mo

As the new prices are due to take effect beginning July 4 for existing subscribers, we do expect Warner Bros. Discovery to officially announce updated pricing later today (tomorrow at the latest) to ensuring subscribers have 30 days notice of any changes to their subscription. This could also mean that the new prices take effect today for new subscribers, though that is not confirmed.

As a reminder, the exact date an individual subscription will increase depends on their individual monthly billing cycle, with July 4 simply the earliest day that the new rate will be applied. Likewise, if locked in for a longer period through an annual or promotional plan, the cost won’t change until that annual or promotional period comes to an end.

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