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Watch Two March Madness Games at Once on Android TV and Fire TV


NCAA March Madness

With March Madness here, the various NCAA apps are now in the process of being updated and it looks like Android TV and Fire TV devices will be gaining one important feature in particular – the ability to watch multiple games at once on the same device.

With so many games taking place within a short period, having access to more than one game at a time is a major benefit. However, up until now this has only been really available via Apple TV. Although that appears to be changing considering the National Collegiate Athletic Association have now announced that Android TV and Fire TV users will now be able to stream two games side-by-side.

While this has now been announced, it looks like the March Madness website has yet to be updated with the changes. At least, from the Android TV perspective as the NCAA help page on watching multiple games at once only points to Apple TV and Fire TV support. In addition, the Android version of the app was recently updated and the changelog there also does not mention the new multiple game support. However, the expansion of the feature was announced by the NCAA, so there shouldn’t be any issues come game time.

An improvement, and not the only one

March madness streaming
March Madness new features

While it is great news for college basketball fans who plan to stream games through an Android TV or Fire TV device, the news doesn’t exactly bring Google and Amazon’s platforms on par with Apple’s. For example, Apple TV users will be able to stream up to four games at once. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like this will be available throughout the tournament as the announcement does explain the multiple games support is “during certain windows.”

On the positive side, the multiple game support is not the only new feature. According to the announcement, a new “The Catch-Up” option (powered by AT&T TV) will also now be available and this will allow those tuning in after a game has started to get a brief video explanation of what’s happened so far.

Some of the other new and returning features that viewers can look forward to include Fast Break, Bracket Integrations, Path to Championship, and close game alerts.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the March Madness action, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the NCAA March Madness Live app downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android TV users and from Amazon’s App Store for Fire TV device owners.

Source: NCAA

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