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Many Max Movies And Shows Are Currently Unavailable To Subscribers


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A Max issue is stopping some subscribers from watching movies, episodes and other content on the platform. It currently remains unclear what is causing the issue, although it does seem to be affecting a large portion of the Max library.

Essentially, when attempting to watch a video there is no option to play the title. Instead, affected subscribers only have the option to Watch Trailer or add the title to the subscriber’s watchlist. If no trailer is available for that title, then they are presented with the option to Add to My List instead. Either way, these titles are effectively unavailable to subscribers.

From what we can tell, the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting all devices. For us, for example, the issue is affecting the Max website but not affecting the Google TV app. However, other users have noted the issue affecting their devices, including Fire TV devices.

While the issue also doesn’t seem to be affecting every title available on Max, it does seem to be impacting most. Max doesn’t appear to have commented on the issue yet, so it remains unclear why so many titles are now listed as unavailable.

One workaround we have found for the issue affecting the Max website is to search for the title using Google Search or another Search Engine. By clicking on the ‘watch on Max’ option in the search results, the website will open and automatically start playing the video.

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