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Many CTV Users Apparently Want More TV Ads To Come With Buy Option


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Around half of connected TV (CTV) users surveyed said they want all TV ads to come with the ability to purchase the product advertised. This ‘shoppable ad’ observation is one of the findings from LG Ad Solutions’ The Shoppable TV Report: 2024 and Beyond survey.

According to the results of the survey, “53% of CTV users wish all TV ads had a quick option to buy the product.” In addition, 63% would like the option to check store/brand inventory from their smart TV, while 63% also credited TV ads as the reason for discovering new brands and products.

Other findings from the survey included 81% reporting their shopping decisions were influenced by TV ads, and 47% stated they had made a purchase in the past three months after seeing a TV ad.

In terms of how those purchases were made, 56% reportedly completed a purchase using their mobile phone, 45% using a laptop/desktop, 31% on a tablet, and 29% on a CTV. With connected TVs being the least commonly used method to complete a purchase, it stands to reason that, of those who do often make purchases based on TV ads, they would like more ways to complete the transaction on their smart TV.

Most CTV users envision and desire a TV experience that enables them to easily purchase the products advertised to them,” said Tony Marlow, CMO at LG Ad Solutions.

In reality, 53% is only slightly better than half, so it could be just as easily argued that almost as many don’t want to see more ads with shoppable links. Regardless, the use of shoppable ads appears to be something that has been increasing of late, and something that’s likely to become all the more common in the future.

The future of television is shaping up to be an immersive canvas of personalized, interactive experiences. We are entering an era where TV is not just a device for passive viewing, but also a dynamic platform for engagement, interaction, and shopping,” Marlow said.

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